I’ve Never Had Hair This Short

Turkey Tracks: May 18, 2021

I’ve Never Had Hair This Short

And I’m liking this, for me, dramatic hair cut.

It is so easy to keep neat looking. My longer hair was just a mess, all the time!

And look! I can “look” without glasses after the cataract surgery this winter. I only need glasses for fine print or really “up close” small things. So, I’ve just scattered them all over the house. What a blessing!

I worked really hard Sunday on household and garden tasks. The 4 kayacks and the girl’s bike went out of the garage, so that very big job is all but done. I’m sure I’ll find more small things that need to be rehomed, but all the big items are now gone and will be used and enjoyed by others. And there was a really nice catch-up visit with friends who took the kayaks and the bike.

I painted the back of the entry closet doors that were dingy and dirty after 17 years, and installed the new doorknob on a metal screw that fits perfectly—thanks to Shane Chontos getting out the stripped screw and cutting down the new one for me. I mowed—the grass was lush and long! And I put up the windchimes—so now I have been hearing them tinkling and calling me to come outside.

In celebration, yesterday I took a day off and played with AC and sewed. We went over to the big field at our Snow Bowl—a favorite spot.

AC runs with his whole heart, and he’s really fast. I think he thinks that getting the ball and bringing it to me is his “work.” He is always looking for ways to “work” with me—which recently has been showing even more as when I weed, he stands with his nose over my hands and will grab a big clump and help pull it out and shake it free of dirt. I’ve never had a dog be so engaged with me in ways like this dog is.

He is tired in this picture, but you can see he can be out with me with no leash and will stay right with me. In the woods when we hike, he branches out, but if I call him, he comes immediately, and he never lets me get where he does not know where I am.

It was warm yesterday, and after running so hard, I thought I’d take him over to the water and see if he’d like to cool off. Oh my—he immediately went into the deeper water where he would not venture last summer. I think he’s still keeping his feet where they can touch, but he was actually swimming in places too. His joy is contagious, for sure.

As he was totally wiped out afterwards, after lunch I got in some really good sewing time—also possible as I had leftovers that meant I didn’t have to cook. Here is AC on his bed beneath the longarm machine.

The design wall is filling up again with such fun projects—I’m playing with 3 at the same time. One will become a leader/ender project I think—and is using up scraps. The other two are really fun blocks—and they are going along well.

I’ll put up pics when I get a few more blocks done. Today, though, is cleaning and laundry day. And after my coffee, I’ll get right to that weekly job. And I still need to weed wack all the borders outside after mowing Sunday.

It’s all good!

Author: louisaenright

I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

4 thoughts on “I’ve Never Had Hair This Short”

  1. I agree! I love your new look!
    What a wonderful time of year, I love spring and all the newness..AC certainly seems to agree.
    Now I can’t wait to see your design wall!!!

  2. Louisa, your hair is lovely keep it that way. I have looked at what you’ve achieved in quilting it’s FAB.
    I’m Irish living in Ireland and I find a lot of Irish people have the wrong mindset to ageing. It drives me mad when people in their fifties say I’m too old for this or that. I tell them your too old when your dead. Louisa you
    embraced “modern quilting” and the results are great. We’re in a very severe lockdown and I lost my
    quilting mojo which was not what I expected. I planned on finishing my UFOs I’m a self-taught quilter.
    Started 8 years ago. Made blue ridge beauty in Autumn colours after seeing your one in all greens way
    nicer that the original. I intend, hopefully, trying Celtic Solstice later in the year.
    Louisa you never know when you may inspire someone so I wanted you to know you inspired me.
    Thanks for reading this. Keep on doing everything you are doing .Slainte (Irish for good health)

    1. Oh my goodness Kerry! You are making me cry. Thanks you so much for your generous sharing with me. I often wonder what impact there is with this blog, so it is lovely to have some feedback. And such sweet feedback too. And I hope by now that some of your quilty mojo has returned now—or is returning—now that there is more light in our days. I find if I don’t sew a bit each day I get more stressed. There is something about using my hands that calms me. I can get that with gardening and cooking and any project that requires hands, but there is nothing so strong as the creativity in sewing for me. I started out self-taught as well, but had good friends from the outset who helped me along—and I have learned so much from Bonnie Hunter, for sure. I have Irish in my birth famly (Bryans), but married into a 100% Boston Irish family—they are the outliers from the Enright family which is mostly in the Tralee area. My MIL came from the Portmagee area back in the day. Both of my husband’s parents emigrated to the US as young adults and made a life here. Those whole Enright clan is filled with wonderful people, and I count myself very lucky to know them. A heartfelt Slainte back to you Kerry! And thanks again for replying on the blog—do stay in touch. I’d love to see a picture of your Blue Ridge Beauty in Autumn colors if you would like to share it.

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