Staining the Outside Shingles

Turkey Tracks: June 28, 2021

Staining the Outside Shingles

Look at my pretty garage with its new coat of stain!

When the star, formerly aqua, was removed, I sanded the rust spots and repainted it lime green. I was thinking a red/orange or lime green, and when I checked the supply of spray paints, there was a lime green.

Now the white trim paint is really showing up against the darker shingles.

You can see on the unstained back of the garage how the original staining is now gone after about 20 years of weathering.

Eric Chontos, who has been so much help to me over the years, is doing the staining. He also has a power washing business, and I highly recommend him and his older brother Shane Chontos, who is a fine carpenter, but who also does other work around a house. Both brothers are, of course, insured.

Eric is here today, and we are meant to have two good days before we might get more rain on Wednesday and Thursday. Weather is always an issue with these kinds of outdoor jobs.

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