Floyd the Cat Travels to Florida in Style

Turkey Tracks: December 12, 2021

Floyd the Cat Travels to Florida in Style

First, there is a back story about the lush-looking bed Floyd the Cat is sitting on.

About two years ago I was tempted to order this dog bed after seeing ads for it on Facebook. It took months and months to come and was way, way smaller than a 45 pound dog would need. I put it inside an existing bed, but AC doggie thought it was an animal and immediately tried to chew it up. So, it sat in a storage space in a plastic bag for over another year.

Then, for some reason about a month ago, I cleaned out all the ”extras” in that storage space, which included several items for small dogs. About that time, friend Margaret was getting ready to head to Florida for the winter, and I offered her the bed for her ”traveling cat,” Floyd.

Floyd was born in Florida and appeared at Margaret’s house there as a feral kitten about 2 years ago. They bonded, and Floyd returned to Maine with Margaret, where he hunted small game all night, and thrived. So now he goes back and forth each year.

Floyd likes to sit up straight or stand and watch the traffic as Margaret drives.

The bed worked really well this last trip, said Margaret, who made this last trip with a friend. She could tuck it between the two seats or they could put it on a lap, and Floyd loved it all.

So, the expensive and lush bed got rehomed where it is loved by a 4-legged fur creature and his human friend.

And, after two other poor buying experiences on Facebook, I won’t do it again.

I’m cured.