My Favorite Dog Treats.

Turkey Tracks: March 3, 2022

My Favorite Dog Treats

I woke to snow this morning—more than the scant 1-inch predicted and with very heavy snow fall happening. Snow was up to AC’s belly when he went out for his morning call of nature. I cancelled my scheduled much-needed haircut, but that will happen Saturday.

I have a fair amount of accumulated snow on the back deck now. But now the sun is out and the plow/shovel crew have come and gone. It’s good that AC and I had a long walk yesterday since I don’t like to walk him over wet roads that have a lot of salt on them. He’ll be on his own today for running outside on this property, though maybe we will take a ride in the car later.

BUT, back to this post, which also got highjacked by the snow—and I’m NOT complaining as I love snow.


AC doggie can’t do regular type dog treats as he is allergic.

He loves those hard-as-bricks yak-milk cheese chews that originated in Nepal. He gets about one a week, and it takes him a few days to devour one with off-and-on chewing sessions. When he gets one down to a nub of which I think he might choke, I throw that part away.

I found these sweet potato products about 6 months ago, and AC loves them.

The ”chews” are slabs of dried sweet potato that require him to do some heavy chewing—which helps clean his teeth. The “bones” are softer. He loves both versions. He gets a bone at night after his last trip outside, where he takes care of business and comes right back as he knows his treat will follow.

I order the sweet potato products directly from Gaines, and they have free and prompt shipping. I get the yak-milk bones from the Thrive online market where I have an account, but they are sometimes carried at our local Loyal Biscuit store.

I didn’t think when I wrote about AC’s new toys that the softer toy, an elephant, would be the longer survivor. But Elephant goes everywhere with him between floors, carried gently in his mouth. Elephant’s ears have some sort of crackly plastic that makes a sound that apparently pleases AC to no end. Elephant’s last leg is dangling by a thread, and his squeaker came out yesterday, but Elephant is clearly a hit. The stronger-made Frog didn’t survive the breach of his seams at all. The leathery chew toy is also going strong and is a favorite.

That dog!

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