The First Grill of 2022

Turkey Tracks: March 31, 2022

The First Grill of 2022

Today is rainy, as will tomorrow be.

But yesterday, if cooler, was sunny and beautiful. AC and I had a very nice outing at the Snow Bowl area, where despite the colder temps and wind, he ran and swam in all his ”spots” again.

I had two lamb chops to cook and put on my noon meal, which yesterday was a BIG salad. Lunch has involved over the winter into my main meal, with a snack and fruit for dinner.

I dragged the grill out on to the open deck area and unwrapped its winter cover. (See AC on the rock wall hunting for chipmunks?)

AC was hopeful, but there was no mouse nest inside the grill.

After letting the grill heat up—which took some time as the wind was cold—and on went the lamb chops.

The resulting salad was…DELICIOUS. And I always add some cooked green veggies—in this case broccoli and little green peas. The red pepper, I’ve read, has more vitamin C than an orange. The raw onion contains sulphur—an ingredient now lacking in human diets and one that is crucial for health.

Often, I save some of the salad for my supper snack, but not today. I ate every bite with relish.

The snowdrops along the front path and ”boardwalk” are blooming, and the daffodils are up about 3-4 inches. That ”monster” boardwalk, which is so hard to put down and pick up, is going to be replaced by a concrete path this spring.

The lettuce has sprouted in its cold frame—seeded last fall. Soon I’ll start taking the lid off during warm days to harden off these new plants. I think the raspberry leaf buds are swelling.

The house is clean for the week. The laundry is done. And friend Betsy from Vermont is coming on Sunday for a quick visit and to pick up a fantastic sewing machine she bought from a friend here.

AC hates rainy days, but I enjoy the slower pace they bring. There is time for reading and sewing and posting to the blog when all the other tasks are done for the week.

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I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

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