Daffodils in the Front Meadow

Turkey Tracks: May 6, 2022

Daffodils in the Front Meadow

I planted daffodils in the front meadow in the fall of 2004.

There is a drainage field below the rock wall which I suspects nourishes the daffodils. There are also day-lilies just below the wall as well. Both are thriving.

I can never get a picture that makes me feel like I have captured the glory of these daffodils, which have spent the last 18 years naturalizing and spreading.

Here’s a picture taken from the road and blown up a bit to isolate the daffodils.

They are so cheerful. And, many of the ones doing the best are the ”exotic” ones, so of which look like tiny peonies as they have so many fluffy petals.

I love our long, cool spring here in Maine. Spring can be such a tease in northern New England. But the grass is lush and green now, the trees are leafing out, and I’ll have to mow now some time over the weekend.

I found a smelly rotten egg concentrated mixture I’ll mix up and spray today or tomorrow. I hope it works to deter the deer and porcupine.