I’m Running Out of Amy Harmon Books!

Turkey Tracks: June 4,m 2022

I’m Running Out of Amy Harmon Books!

She published The Unknown Beloved this year, which I bought to read for myself.

I read all the time, but in recent years, my actual reading has been nonfiction and research. I listen to fiction on Audible or our local Maine library system when I sew—as I love, love stories. Friend Linda McKinney got me to read fiction again by bringing me about 5 of her Nora Rogers trilogies—through which I ripped as if I had been starving.

And then I found Amy Harmon.

Here’s the list of Amy Harmon’s books—from the front cover of The Unknown Beloved, which is apparently a murder mystery. I will read or listen to them all. And I will hope that she writes and releases another book soon. Her historical fiction is particularly nice. I was in tears through most of From Sand and Ash.