Big News

So, clearly I have been “absent without leave.”

The BIG NEWS is that I have decided to move to Charleston to be closer to my family.

When I got Jackpot puppy and was out twice a day walking, etc., I realized how VERY curtailed my life has become.  All the richness I once knew here is just…gone.  And this property’s upkeep needs and the physical labor of it all is now seeming to be more and more difficult to manage.  The takedown of the mailbox and all it entailed to get one again, and the $$$$, just flattened me in what I now recognize is suddenly a way more vulnerable time for me.

I realized that I am alone—and have been alone—for pretty much the last three Covid years.  I go days without talking to anyone, except here online.  My support networks are also diminishing as we all age, and I will be 78 in March.

I don’t see most of my quilting friends or my fellow Lion members on a regular basis any more, and I don’t go to quilt meetings or other meetings as I don’t dare get sick here by myself.  My friends are also afraid they will give me covid, so they are very careful about not coming if they don’t feel well.  The days of Sit and Sews among healthy people are…gone.  For me, anyway.

I love Maine so much—and will miss the cooler weather and the lovely seasons.  But…. I’ve always known I would know when it was time to move. It is now time.  My family is so excited, and I will also say that while I am overwhelmed with all that has to be done, culled, etc., I am also looking forward to starting a new life adventure.  

I will sell here first, then buy in SC.  Older son Mike is “on it” in terms of helping me find a smaller house within 15-20 minutes of my two sons and which is near one of the many big and beautiful parks with trails.  The early looks at properties he’s sending show that that is quite possible to downsize but to have really nice living spaces. One of Tami’s oldest friends (who has ties to Maine) will be my SC realtor.  I can go down to 3 bedrooms, one of which needs to be large enough for the longarm/quilt room.  Maybe that will be something like a big bonus room over a garage that I’ll need in order to be able to plug in my hybrid car.  Many of the new houses we have been looking at have big, open kitchen/dining/living room features on the first floor.  And many are within HOA situations where I suspect communal mowing, etc., is done.

I’ll be able to stay with Mike and Tami until I can move into a new place in SC. And I’ll need to store furniture until I can move into whatever house I buy.  The mover I’m going to use can pick up and store in Portland until I have purchased a house.  There are a lot of moving parts—but my Innova dealer IS going to pack up my long arm, store it, and bring it to me when I’m ready in Charleston.  Whew!!  The longarm is not an item movers can take apart and move.

Family members will come if I need more help, but events are moving fast. In the last week a dear friend here has done major physical work with helping me cull, box, and move out what is not going. And family will help me drive to Charleston when the time comes.

The house was listed today. So…”it” begins in earnest.

And I know a whole new life adventure is beginning for me.

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I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

15 thoughts on “Big News”

  1. Wow! A huge decision! I am confident in your knowing that the time is right for this life change. And how wonderful to be closer to family! I am so happy for you, my friend! Carry on, oh intrepid one!

  2. Louisa, many blessings on your decision and new adventure!!!! As much as I’m sure you will miss Maine, it will be good to be near family. Will pray all goes well and you find exactly the right place. Xx

  3. That’s exciting! My husband has been ready to sell our house for a couple of years and move to Smith Mountain Lake. I haven’t been ready to do that, but I’m beginning to think we just don’t need this big house anymore with all the upkeep inside and out and I don’t want to spend the money paying someone else to do it! So, I understand totally where you’re coming from. All the time you spend alone isn’t good. It will be wonderful to be near family! Best of luck in finding the perfect new home!

  4. I am sorry that the move is necessary, but delighted that you will be nearer to your boys, grandchildren, and me!!Sounds like you have it under control . I am not too far away to help either.. Will anxiously await updates.

  5. Cheering you and all you are doing Louisa. May you have a quick, hassle free sale and closing. Thinking of you…

  6. What a wonderful new adventure ahead for you and Jackpot. Charleston is a beautiful area rich in history. Covid seemed to prioritize in people whom it’s best to be close to or whom to trust so you are doing the right thing. I wish you the best.

  7. Very interesting Louisa. Sounds like a lot of thought went into this as executing a life change requires.Im always fascinated by the choices people make.
    One friend went to Austen to be near her son ,He moved to TN then upstate NY a year later. .After retirement, we decided to split our time between ct and NC where our son is, dtr granddaughter son in law are in ct. It’s been a great experience just living in another culture and a different style house . The 12 hr trip back and forth can be tiresome but seeing the outer banks, Ocracoke blueridge mtns has been wonderful…My immersion in quilting has continued which helps a lot …good luck to you and safe travels Kathy

  8. I have been to a handful of those meetings at the Lion’s hall and vaguely remember you. I agree with you about the social network situation because I, too have been very cautious about staying away from crowded places and Zooming book club meetings just doesn’t have the same feel. I wish you all the best on your next adventure.

  9. WOW!! It’s good you realized that it was the time for you to move and be near family and warmer weather. Bob and I are sending good moving vibes to you. We decided not to move to Maine from NJ in 2019 and we are still downsizing to make our home just the way we want it to be. Good luck and safe travels. Love from your former sailing J & R Riggin sailing friends, Jean and Bob

  10. So glad you are ok as I was worried when I wasn’t seeing any posts for awhile. Charleston is beautiful so will be a great place to be amongst family. I have never been to Maine but it is on my bucket list. I am sure that is beautiful as well. I hope to see it for myself one day. Best wishes for your move and will look forward to hearing from you once you reach the South. And so nice to have Jackpot on the journey with you.

  11. Bravo!! A very wise move & one that will be exhausting at times, but the rewards will keep on giving. My move from VA to FL was a lesson in “letting go” and I am so thankful for my decision. You will always miss the cool autumn weather, but not the isolation of bitter winters with Jack Pot! Just don’t buy a place at low elevation or in flood zone. ( this can be checked out through your realtor) Having dodged a bullet with Ian here in Sarasota, it is an important part of your planning. Love & light flowing your way. 🥰

  12. Oh, the places you’ll go, Louisa! Wonderful to make a decision and have so much family help and support. You and Jackpot deserve the best❤️
    You’re off to great places…

  13. Wishing you the best of luck in your move to a warmer climate and nearer to family. Just think of the new quilts you can design and sew in your new quilting headquarters!

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