November Update 2022

Turkey Tracks

Hello Everyone!

The house has a contract, but we are in the middle of the “due diligence” week, so things won’t be “firm” until after the required 7 working days are over on the 15th. At that time, the buyers will have to put down some earnest money that they would lose if they back out of the contract.

The formal inspection meeting is tomorrow afternoon.

The closing is scheduled for December 13th. The movers are coming December 7-8. And I will pick up my two sons at the Portland airport on the morning of the 9th, and we will begin the drive to Charleston, arriving at the latest on Sunday the 11th.

The family has been combing Charleston County for a house for me since this house was listed, and they and my agent Lisa Barkley found “my house” last week. I put a contingency contract on it, and it will also close on December 13th. I will be present for that closing, and a local lawyer here will represent me in Maine. The house is new and has all the spaces I’ll need for my quilting/sewing passion. As soon as the due diligence week is done and if all goes well, I’ll schedule the movers for the Portland to Charleston leg.

Jackpot is thriving with his foster caregiver and his new best buddy, her dog Dino. He is now also getting lots of running exercise, which he needed.

After getting some sort of serious gastro illness, which made me not want to eat and which gifted me with DIL Tami flying in to help me–alongside my homeopath who brought me food, remedies, and treatments–I am recovered and now am plugging along with what has to be done here and making great progress too. I can’t really tear up the house until the “due diligence” is over on the 15th.

So now, all fingers and toes are crossed that all continues to fall into place.

Send me loads of good luck, good energy, good prayers, good wishes, and good thoughts.