Farewell: Moving Van Wednesday and Thursday, December 14 and 15th

Hello everyone!

This post will be my last post in Maine. Next week, after getting to Charleston, SC, hopefully on Sunday, I’ll work on changing the name and regional focus of this blog. I’m thinking of something like “Living in the Low Country” or “My Low Country Adventure.” If YOU have ideas for a catchy new blog title, let me know in the comments?

The movers will be here Wednesday and Thursday, and I am mostly ready. I will leave here Friday to meet my two sons in Portland. They are flying in to drive me to Charleston. With my mast cell disorder, it isn’t wise for me to try to drive myself. What if I get triggered along the way and have a bad reaction? I will bring my own food in a cooler, but triggers can happen with chemical smells created by too many people sharing in a small space all their body and laundry products. Or, in a hotel room that likely gets sprayed to control insects and/or has residues from cleaning and laundry soaps.

The second contract on my Maine house failed late Tuesday last week. But I’m moving anyway. I have an excellent house caretaking team here, and all agree that I should just go ahead and leave the house in their capable hands–so I don’t have to hang around here all by myself (again) during the upcoming holidays. Thus, this Christmas I will be with family after many, many years of being alone in these winter holidays.

I want to be with my family–and I’m very much at peace with this decision to go. The house will sell when it sells, and it will sell at some point. It is a beautiful house–and I have loved every minute of living in it and living in Maine and living in the Camden community.

Somehow I’ve erased by mistake my favorite picture of the house and garage. Oh my! But I used my favorite fairly recent picture as the wallpaper on my iPad Pro, so I was able to at least get a screenshot of it, though I could not get rid of the time stamp from last year.

Here’s the house from another angle.

I will miss the lush green of a Maine summer, hikes through beautiful woods filled with ferns and the smell of fir trees, the cooler temps, the SNOW, the bracing sharp clean air, the very different and beautiful light changes in a place so far north and east, the stunning sun rises and sunsets, the dark sky filled with a huge moon and bright stars, many vistas from high hills that look out over the bay… I can go on as Maine has been a gift of the soul.

But I’ll be regaining family and a kin network that is much closer, access to a beautiful beach, a place filled with parks and nature walks, a new house to make a home, and a whole new adventure. I’m excited about the change and the new explorations to come.

Here’s one more picture, but there are many on this blog taken over the years.

I have been so busy since Tuesday doing the last packing and organizing. But here’s the progress on the 1 1/2-inch blocks from the Cotton+Steel project of the last two years. The two patches have all been sewn into four-patches.

And here are the four-patches being joined into strips that when sewn together will make a 4 1/2-inch (unfinished) block.

Four blocks make an 8 1/2-inch bigger block.

But then what?

I can set these blocks with sashings. Or, even, wonky-sashing settings. Perhaps that solution would depend upon how many blocks I wind up with–though I can augment somewhat from the bin of 1/1/2 C+S strips.

Or I can set them all together–or at least some of them–to make some sort of medallion center.

However, due to the lack of CLEAR darks and lights, the above bigger joining seems somewhat incoherent to me. So I’m NOT going to go this direction.

Right now with the move, I might be able to carve out enough time in the next few days to make all the 8 1/2 inch blocks, which I’ll put back into the bin holding the leftover C+S pieces and blocks, like a good pile of Churn Dash blocks, the 2-inch squares, and some other odd leftover pieces–some sewn into pieces that can be used somewhere.

I’ll try to post again when I am in Charleston. Meanwhile, enjoy this season of dark nights and starry skies and all the gatherings you might have that hopefully include good food and much cheer.

I wish you all JOY!

Author: louisaenright

I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

14 thoughts on “Farewell: Moving Van Wednesday and Thursday, December 14 and 15th”

  1. Louisa – Prayers for a good week and for safe travels all around. I so respect your attitude about moving and everything life is handing you. Such go with the flow….. so many of us go kicking and screaming and you are definitely looking at the sunshine in this all. It is wonderful to have your glass half full, although I think yours is overflowing. Making memories driving with your sons to Charleston! (does a mask help to filter the smells? I know they are a bother, but maybe a necessary evil to prevent a reaction) It will be wonderful for you to be with family for the holidays and not alone. I am looking forward to the “new” blog spin…… I rather like “My Low Country Adventure” — can’t wait to hear of the new adventures…. not to mention how this new quilt is progressing. All the best and I wish warmth and happiness in 2023!!!

  2. Praying for safety and good health for you as you enter your new adventure Louisa! I have so loved reading your blog and have learnt so much from you! Thank you for sharing Maine with me along with way too much inspiration in the quilting life 😊
    I am looking forward to learning about where this adventure takes you! Enjoy your family and the holiday season…sending big hugs to you 🥰

    1. Wishing you a safe drive, and hope you enjoy all that the south offers you. Sounds like you are ready to roll. Looking forward to a new season of quilts! Janet

  3. Best wishes for the next phase of your life in a whole new home, different weather , and knowing the peace of family close by. I will miss the gorgeous pictures of your flower beds but show me some beach pictures and I will see serenity. You made a lovely home in MAine and will again in the south. Yours will sell to just the right person as it has an established yard that is priceless. Safe travels, stay well and anxious for your next report on life in the low country.

  4. I think Adventure maybe you middle name! Travel safely and stay well. Of course, I am so looking forward to your next installment from a place very comfortable for you.

  5. Louisa, I wish you so many wonderful times and memories in your new home. I, too, miss so many things about Maine, and it has been my favorite place to live and still is! But being closer to family somehow makes up for all the beautiful things in Camden and surrounding areas. Safe journey to you!

  6. Dear Wesa,
    I know this is the right decision, but I also feel your sadness . You DID love Maine and it was great for you. I am soo glad that you will be with your beautiful family and will enjoy your great new adventure with them at your side.We will plan a visit next year when you get settled.. I am sure
    that Vida and Rusty will visit also at some point.
    Safe travels .. We all love you and are anxiously awaiting updates..

  7. Safe travels! I am driving to low country to be with Tara & Jon for Christmas! Enjoy your new adventure with the love of your family close by! ❤️

    1. Thanks for the comment on the blog.
      Perhaps we will cross paths at Christmas.
      I’ve never met Jon and have not seen Tara in many years now.

      Movers here today packing. Transport tomorrow. I leave here on Friday after making sure house is clean.

      My email to you didn’t deliver. Can you send me your current email via email? Thanks.

  8. Louisa, I haven’t left a comment for a long time. When I read about your move I prayed you have settled in by now. Louisa you have such a positive attitude to all situations that is such
    a rare thing now. I’ll be glad to see 2022 come to an end it’s been horrible I suffered very
    many serious side effects from the covid vaccine. I’m asking you to please say a prayer for
    my family. Looking forward to your new blog. God bless you and yours Louisa and
    may 2023 be a really good one for all. Hope your home in Maine will sell asap.

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