The New Home: Getting Settled

It’s been two weeks since my last post.

Where does the time go?

I’ll tell you. It’s been going to getting settled in my new home, spending time with my families, and learning my way around.

It’s all good. I’m good. I’m happy!

Here’s one angle of The Big Room:

The dining room table went out this week to get refinished–so I have a work table in its place for the 4 to 6-weeks it will take.

The Plantation Shutters will come eventually, and they will cover all the big double windows. The sliding door will remain uncovered. It faces to the back screened porch. The road curves around to the mailbox kiosk–which is a whole new experience for me.

My box is 16B. The narrow dark space is where one can post a letter.

The big boxes below are for packages. One gets a key to the big box in one’s mailbox. Once inserted, the door can be opened, and the key stays in the lock–by design.

Our normal post person was away a few days, and apparently the substitute got keys and packages mixed up. I opened the box with the key in my box, and the package wasn’t mine, which, LOL, I didn’t realize until I sliced open the box at home and found bubble bath and a child’s toy. I tracked down the address and delivered the package to the correct owner as the big box was now open. What else could I do with someone else’s package?

Meanwhile, the package I had been expecting was said to have been delivered. Ummm. No. It was a potpourri mixture for the guest bathroom–so after several more days, I put in a request to Amazon to send a replacement as the package had “gone missing,” and they agreed to send a new package without charge.

When the normal post person returned, I met her, and we had a nice chat. She had BOTH packages for me. Now what to do? I loved the potpourri, so I asked Amazon to charge me for the replacement box.

After a few tries, I gave up. The system just does not allow for one to pay for a replacement box. So now I have this luscious potpourri in my bathroom as well.

Here’s my main meal today–meatloaf. a medley of roasted veggies cooked Tuesday, and fresh roasted cauliflower. And, yes, that’s fresh raw milk!!!

I am working upstairs bringing the sewing areas to rights and hanging pictures and quilts around the house.

AND, attending a series of wrestling matches where a grandson is participating.