Well, here’s an interesting concept.

A friend sent me this newsletter, signed by someone named Krista:

The On Being Project <>

The newsletter discussed the book that Janine Benyus wrote in 1999: Bioimicry. Krista writes that the book has “made its way quietly through the world ever since, in ever wider, radical ripples.”

Krista continues: “I invoke that word “radical” in its root sense — of driving back to the core. Consider basic life/design principles around which biomimicry orients — all of them at work in every moment beneath our feet, in the air we breathe, in the sky above.”

“I pay attention when I start hearing about the same thing from disparate corners. Across the last few years, I started hearing the intriguing word “biomimicry” invoked by people doing all kinds of things I would not have immediately connected with modeling from the natural world: sustainable investment; human-centric social media strategy; innovative philanthropy. And they were all also, notably, humans I experienced to be especially creative, expansive, wise — and kind.”

And then she (or the book) creates the following list:

“Nature runs on sunlight, 
uses only the energy it needs, 
fits form to function, 
recycles everything, 
rewards cooperation, 
banks on diversity, 
demands local expertise, 
curbs excesses from within, 
and taps the power of limits.”

Here’s the Amazon link to the book:

And here’s more info on Benyus from Wiki:

One has to wonder how the battle between contrary forces in our culture will turn out in the end: human acquisition of wealth and power or human survival.