No More Paper Towels Needed

Or very little anyway…

Here’s one big reason why: fabric towels and bowl covers.

DIL Corinne gave me this roll of little fabric towels–they are just rolled around each other. There is a cardboard inner tube, so you can put the roll onto your current paper towel dispenser if you like. The material is so soft–and it is so easy to just throw a dirty towel into the wash. AND, there are different colors and patterns available.

The bowl tops pull tight so easily with the attached cords and come in three different sizes. The largest covers a pretty big bowl. The insides of the bowl covers just wipe off easily–it is a kind of silicon I think. It is definitely not plastic as this company is trying to eliminate the use of plastic. The covers can also be pulled taught to form a kind of little pouch. And the covers can be used over things like cut melons.

There is an online store if you are interested:

Here’s a pic from the web site of the bowl covers:

And here’s a pic of my roses all planted now. So far, they seem to be happy.

Now, back to Innova and the quilt she is guarding upstairs until I return to do more quilting.

Big thanks to Corinne.

Author: louisaenright

I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

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