Time Flies

I did make it to the beach Monday for a beautiful walk at low tide–as that’s when one can see the most shells and can walk fast along the hard sand. (And, wade barefoot through tidal pools.)

The Churn Dash quilt (Eye Candy #5) is on the long arm. And I’ve been making more placemats with the blueberry fabrics. They are coming out beautifully, and I’m ripping through my solid stash as the solids do best for single-layer napkins. I rounded the last corner of “Wyoming Stars” last night–and will finish that binding tonight. Then, I’ll wash and mail both of them to…Wyoming.

Yesterday was wild: Costco for meat and two trips to two nearby Loews to find more of the Asiatic Jasmine. I’m going to IOP today and will take a picture of an established bed with this ground cover so you can see why I think it will work well here. I found 24 more plants yesterday and planted them on the shady side of the house–which is a lot of work as the soil is solid clay and needs the addition of sand and ground compost in every hole. They will form a solid bed there. It makes no sense to me to plant that side of the house–beyond the front corner which has already a holly of some kind–as that side of the house is not trafficked very often–by anyone, including me. The long sunny side is very visible.

At the first nearby Loews, an Endless Summer hydrangea, three Stella D’Oro daylilies, and a Buddlea (Butterfly Bush) jumped into the shopping cart. I still have to plant those–along the sunny side of the house. I’m mixing blooming perennials and shrubs for spring/summer interest.

I had a late lunch on the porch before tackling the planting holes.

I know. You’ve seen my salad lunches many times here. BUT, this one, in addition to the grilled chicken, has a sprinkling of my new herbs alongside the dill I had in the refrigerator: chive, mint, oregano, and sage. They are all doing well. And yesterday I added flat-leaf Italian parsley (which should come back in this climate) and Basil.

I’ve been making my afternoon espresso when I make lunch, so it is like a dessert to enjoy while I read just a bit more after lunch–and watch and wave at the sidewalk traffic of my neighbors.

In a few minutes I’ll leave to get the raw dairy that comes into Local Jo’s every other week–and I’ll drop off some at Mike and Tami’s on IOP and take the picture of the Asiatic Jasmine bed for the blog at their old house. And, stop by Bryan and Corinne’s with something special for them. Today is their youngest daughter’s 8th birthday.

We are meant to get some rain today–which will determine if I plant or sew after lunch–a grilled steak and…something. I need to stop at the grocery store for more veggies too.

Yes, another busy day is happening.

Author: louisaenright

I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

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