The ligustrum is blooming everywhere now. Ligustrum is the main family for various blooming privet types in the olive family. It is super hardy in the Low Country, and it needs very little care. The blooms are very fragrant. But, the fragrance is strong–and one either likes it or one doesn’t. I like it, but I don’t have the greatest nose for scents.

Ligustrum can grow really tall if left untrimmed. It can make a really nice hedge. And as it is so hardy here, the builder has used it to camouflage electrical boxes, for instance, around the development.

I think Ligustrum is a good choice for how it is being used here. And I’m enjoying seeing all the white blooms everywhere I go right now.

Rain started off and on in the night last night–so I’m doing a happy rain dance as I won’t have to hand water the newly-fertilized grass. And as I am writing, the sky is fairing off as the storm moves north.

I came home from a family birthday celebration last night, complete with a locally made gelato super chocolate cake, with a granddaughter’s sweatshirt that needs a quick and easy repair.

The Churn Dash quilt is half done on the longarm. And yesterday I paired all the blueberry fabric pieces cut for placemats with Kona solid backings and 20-inch pieces for napkins. Missouri Star had free shipping yesterday, so I ordered some more Kona solids to fill in where I ran out of big pieces–AND, a potential 108-inch Kona backing for the Transom BOM quilt–which I’m planning to hand quilt with 12-wt. thread.

Author: louisaenright

I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

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