Turkey Tracks: Play Day in Damariscotta: Aboca Beads

Turkey Tracks:  October 6, 2015

Play Day in Damariscotta:  Aboca Beads

Last Thursday a friend and I enjoyed a play day in Damariscotta.

We had lunch, made some jewelry at Aboca Beads, got a coffee and some new books at the book store, visited a women’s clothing store, and wound up by going by Alewives Quilting Shop in Damariscotta Mills.  It was such a fun day.

Aboca Beads is such a fun store.  Whenever I have time, I love to go in and make some earrings.  Owner Patricia Palmer is always so helpful and fun.

Here’s Patricia, who cheerfully makes my combinations into fun earrings:


This trip, I made two pairs of earrings for a fraction of what I would have spent if I had bought them.


Here’s a view of one part of the store:


These tins are full of such interesting stones, beads, crystals, metal pieces, etc.  I think I am at least part hunterer/gatherer as I really love gathering up bits of things–nuts, berries, garden veggies, stones/shells, etc.


Look at these gorgeous crystals:


There are always assortments of stones and other materials with which to make pendents:


And of course, dozens of ways to make necklaces.

My friend made an adorable little ladybug necklace for her granddaughter, that when finished will just fit around her tiny neck without much overhang to catch in her hands or other activities:



Look at the pearl necklaces below my earrings:


And look how pretty Patricia packages what her customers have made:




What a fun day we had!

Turkey Tracks: Play Day

Turkey Tracks:  April 39, 2015

Play Day


Last Tuesday was “play day”–with  Megan Bruns, who had a day off before starting a new job.

We headed south to Alewives Quilting (Damariscotta Mills) to see the new Cotton + Steel white collection and Megan was looking for fabric for pillows.

Here’s the collection minus the typewriter fabric, which already sold out.


Next we went to Aboca Beads in Damariscotta to make some earrings.  Here are mine:



It’s so fun to make earrings!

Lunch was at the River Grill in Damariscotta–they make the best mussels in the whole world.

Coffee for the road at the little bookstore across from the River Grill.

And a stop by Mainely Sewing to visit with Marge Hallowell on the way home.

It was a FUN play day!


Turkey Tracks: Steve Melchiskey’s Earring Holder

Turkey Tracks:  December 13, 2010

Steve Melchiskey’s Earring Holder

I’m a member of Coastal Quilters, a chapter in the Maine State Pinetree Quilters’ Guild.  CQ is based in Camden, Maine, and it is a lovely group of women.  I treasure knowing each and every one of them.  They are generous to a fault, astonishingly talented, and devoted to this quilting group.  We learn a lot from each other.

Our spouses are no slouches either.  Many of them help us set up our meeting space at the Lion’s Club each month, which involves putting up lots of tables and placing chairs around them.  And, for our annual fundraising auction, one spouse–Steve Melchiskey–made several, very clever, pierced earring holders, using frames and window screen.  I had been searching for something to organize my earrings–especially since I have a new-found passion–making earrings with the help of the staff at Aboca Beads in Damariscotta, Maine, about 40 minutes down the road.

Here’s my terrific earring holder, and my heartfelt thanks to Steve Melchiskey for supporting Coastal Quilters:


Look at all those earrings, both VERY old and new!  The top three on the left are made from folding clay by the most amazing artist who displays at Alewives Fabrics in Damariscotta Mills.  How does she make such intricate pictures????  Some readers will recognize earrings they have given to me.  Some of the earrings I remade from old, outdated earrings, giving them new life.  One of the amber-like ones on the lower left got dropped and cracked.  John glued it for me, and I love it still.