Turkey Tracks: Zoe’s Lullaby Log Cabin

Turkey Tracks:  December 2, 2017

Zoe’s Lullaby Log Cabin

This quilt started as a leader/ender ongoing project.  Before I knew it, I had 16 of these 10 1/2-inch blocks.  I was loving using bright strips from my 1 1/2-inch bin.  And I have a lovely collection of low-volume fabrics now.    I’ve wanted to make a log cabin for some time for some reason—and when I started, I loved playing around with the centers by making them different sizes and adding some cute animals.

I had in mind a special “little stranger” who was coming to join the human race some time in January or February.  Or so I thought.  This baby would be the first grandchild of my beloved friend Gina Caceci.  And the child of a young man I watched grow up down in Virginia.

Imagine my surprise when Gina mentioned that the baby was due in LATE NOVEMBER!!  Making this quilt went immediately into overdrive, but none of the joy of making it lessened.  And the baby arrived safe and sound last week.  Welcome Zoe!

This backing was chosen after I knew the sex of the baby.  I love it for a girl!

I quilted with yellow/green thread that matches the back really well.  The pantograph is “Acadia” by Patricia E. Ritter.  It’s a favorite of mine.

All the animals in the center do face the same way in terms of up and down—and that proved to be a bit tricky.

I would also say that I am very careful with log cabin blocks when I sew because it is so very easy to get “off” rather quickly.  I measure as I go along and if there is a problem, I can fix it right away.  I believe that with a block as big as 10 1/2-inches unfinished, it is very very easy to get “off.”  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it anyway.  AND, the quilt was true as a result, which made quilting if on the long arm really easy.

I LOVE this quilt!!!  It has great energy.

Turkey Tracks: “Scrappy Scraps” Quilt

Turkey Tracks:  January 31, 2015

Scrappy Scraps Quilt

Here is the second quilt in the scrappy series I have been making for my downstairs tv/sitting room–all made from the 2 1/2-inch bin of strips.

This quilt is based on Bonnie Hunter’s method in her “Scrappy Trip Around the World,” a free pattern on her quiltville.com web site and blog.

I had so much fun making this quilt!  What a treat to experience!

Basically, one sews together six strips of fabric about 17 inches long, joins them into a tube, and then cuts them into 2 1/2-inch little tubes.  Where you open the first tube determines the order of the block that develops as you open tubes and sew together the new strips.  If you want a dark, definitive block to run up the middle (which really helps define the diamonds that form), you must include a dark strip in the mix of six AND begin opening the little tubes at that point, so that dark block is on the bottom.  Bonnie has great pics on her blog of these steps.


Thanks to Megan Bruns and Matt who dropped in late yesterday with a warm latte and for a visit–for holding up the quilt.  Megan showed me several projects she was working on–and I’m now kicking myself that I did not take pictures.

I am now wondering what would happen if one made this quilt all in one color family–like blue, or red, or green…using dark and light strips…

Here’s where the quilt is going to live–to prevent the dogs from marring the couch AND for folks to use for warmth and comfort.



Here’s a close-up:


I got the backing on sale at Alewives quilt shop in Damariscotta Mills, Maine, and you can see that it works well in this room.



Here are a few close-ups:



I quilted with a spring green thread–which also worked well with the backing.  And, used the Acadia pantograph as I thought it’s swirls would work well with all these squares.

I actually think the 2 1/2-inch strips, which finish to 2-inch squares, work well in this quilt.  I think I’d prefer 2-inch strips for the log cabin though…

My eye just loves smaller bits of fabric I guess…