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Turkey Tracks: “Allietore,” Bonnie Hunter’s 2015 Mystery Quilt

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Turkey Tracks:  January 6, 2016


So, since I returned from Charleston after a splendid Thanksgiving with my children, I have been working each week on Bonnie Hunter’s “clues” for her 2015 Mystery Quilt, “Allietore.”

Just before New Year’s Day, I caught up with all the “clues.”

Could a quilt come from this pile of “clues”?


Some of the individual units were really interesting to make–and we used Bonnie’s two favorite rulers a lot in this quilt:  Easy Angle Ruler and Companion Angle Ruler.

See those little red clips holding together the blocks on the right?  I LOVE those clips and am finding all sorts of uses for them.

Here are pics of the individual units so far:







Bonnie “revealed” “Allietore” New Year’s Day!

What a gift!

Here’s her computer picture, likely done on EQ7.


Here’s her own quilt in fabric–note that she has scalloped the edges:


And here are the two blocks:

IMG_0749         IMG_0748

These are the COOLEST blocks.  Thank you Bonnie!!!  There are, really, just four main colors–red, gold, black, and grey–so these blocks are going to be gorgeous in loads of colorways.  It has been so fun to see all the differing colors people are using on Bonnie’s Facebook quilt studio.

I still have to cut the red and gold block centers AND some red fabric for the corner and inner border treatments, but…

Unfortunately, I can’t get to this quilt until I get the second of the two granddaughters’ quilts off the design wall.

All in good time…but I got some fabric today for the gold inner border and the black outer border.  They are currently in the washing machine.

That’s progress of a sort.

YOU can print out her patterns from her blog–go to quiltville.com and click on the blog button–for a bit more time.  Then she will sell this pattern.

Bonnie meticulously explains each and every step for making one of her mystery quilts.