Turkey Tracks: “Happy Baby Quilt”

Turkey Tracks:  June 30, 2015

“Happy Baby Quilt”

What a good time I had making this baby quilt.

The design came from Lissa Alexander and her quilt was featured in the American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine‘s four-patch challenge earlier this spring (April issue).

Lissa called her larger quilt “Rainbow Rows.”

You can follow how about a dozen nationally recognized quilters are using four patches if you go to the magazine’s web site for the list OR to Bonnie Hunter’s blog site (search for the American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine‘s four-patch 2015 challenge.)




I used Anne Bright’s 10″ “He Loves Me” pantograph with a cream-colored thread.  The quilting is lovely if I do say so myself!


Lissa used different fabric borders around the edges–and I really liked showcasing some of the very modern “neutral fabrics on the market today.

You already know I am dotty over polka dot fabrics these days…




The block is actually pretty simple–a nine patch featuring a light/dark four-patch and neutrals.  I am already thinking how this block would work with my stash strips–especially the 2 1/2 ones combined with neutrals.  These little squares are 1-inch from 1 1/2-inch strips.


I fell in love with the little red lobster fabric.  If I see more, I will be buying it.  The bicycle comes from the backing for this year’s Bonnie Hunter Thanksgiving mystery quilt “Grand Illusion.”



So, there you have it.

* * *

Bonnie’s block for this challenge is so much fun.  Here’s my version.  I’m going to use a yummy purple sashing.

I was going to just sew the blocks plain and, maybe, quilt them in the more modern style.  But I found this yummy purple fabric and I think the cornerstones will carry the eye down the lines of dark squares.  Or at least I hope so.  The next row will tell.


I bought this brown/green bee fabric some years ago for a backing at something like 40% off.  The binding will be the dark purple on the left.  The printed magenta will be the outer border; the tiny square an inner border, and the solid is my sashing.  It’s not really solid as it has a lot of texture in the print.


Making these four-patches and setting them into a square is…addictive!

My 2-inch square AND 3 1/2-inch square bins are going down in size with this project.













































Turkey Tracks: Ann’s Blue and White Chocolate Feather

Turkey Tracks:  December 8, 2012

Ann’s Blue and White Chocolate Feather

Ann O’Callaghan is my husband John Enright’s first cousin.  She and her sister Margaret Nealon live a few blocks from each other in the Boston area.  Their children have all grown up together, and it is the greatest pleasure to John and me that our sons have kept close ties with both of these families and all their children.  Now, John, Ann, and Margaret are grandparents many times over as many of their children now have children of their own.

Ann and Margaret have always been more sisters than cousins to John.  Their mother died very early, so Ann left Ireland as a teenager to come to Boston to live with one of her mother’s sisters.  (John’s father was her uncle.)  Margaret, who had lived with another of her mother’s sisters, followed Ann to America some years later.  All of these families are outliers from their mother country–Ireland–where the bulk of all their families live.

When we moved to Maine from northern Virginia, we began to see more of Ann and her family.  Every time Ann would come to visit, she admired whatever quilts I was working on at the time.  Always she would tease and say how much she would love a quilt.  And, I would always ask “what colors do you like.”  The answer was consistent.  Blues.  So, this winter, as part of my scrappy project, I made Ann a quilt.  John’s sister, Maryann Enright delivered it to Ann a few weeks ago, so now I can put it on the blog.

Here’s Ann’s Blue and White Chocolate Feather:

Ann's blue and white chocolate feather

The pattern is from “American Patchwork and Quilting” (August 2010).  It’s called “Outside the Box” and was designed by Karen Montgomery of The Quilt Company.  It uses 3 1/2 inch squares–which I took from the box where I store pre-cut leftover fabric from other quilts and from my stash.  I purchased the white fabric.  What’s cool about this concept is that the block is made like a log-cabin, in that it has a light and a dark side made from 16 blocks–six white and 10 blues.  So, the block combines in the same way that a log cabin block does–into all kinds of log-cabin patterns.

The quilting is from the Chocolate Feather pantograph, thus the name.  And it came out beautifully–it’s a functional quilt meant to be used and loved.

Ann's blue and white quilted

Here’s a view of the center:

Ann's blue and white, center

I like the varigated blue thread on this quilt a lot.

Ann's blue and white quilted

Ann's blue and white backing, binding, top, 2

Somehow, I’ve made a lot of blue and white quilts over the past year.  My blue and white stash has been reduced considerably–which is the goal.  I’m working on another right now, actually.  It, too, has a white background, though the pattern is different.  What I’m wondering about now is how a low contrast Kaffe Fasset kind of treatment, where the white becomes a blue print and the blue blocks are made into squares that float around in the print…

Perhaps I’ll find out this winter as I have enough 3 1/2-inch blue squares to make another quilt…