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Turkey Tracks: Gallery On The Lake, Greenville, Maine

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Turkey Tracks:  October 24, 2013

Gallery On The Lake, Greenville, Maine

One of the stores in Greenville, Maine, is Gallery On The Lake, run by Becky Morse.

Susan and I both bought multiple items for gifts in the store.

I bought my granddaughter who will be three in late November a special present.  I’ll put up a pic of that after she has the gift.

And, I bought several handbags made by Anne H. Doody.

Now, I don’t buy handbags.  I make them myself.

But, Anne’s workmanship was so excellent and her fabric combinations so terrific that I bought two bags–both destined as gifts.  I am telling myself that I am supporting a fellow fiber artist and saving myself some time to work on the many quilts I have planned for the winter.

Here’s a bag of Anne’s I bought:

Anne Doody blue purse

Here’s the backside:

Anne D. blue purse back

I love the jean pocket.  And here’s the inside which has a zipper pocket and other pockets too:

Anne D. blue pursie inside

I also bought a diaper bag–and sure enough, I just heard of a new family baby coming in May.   (Not one of my sons.)

Greenville, Ann Doody diaper bag

Here’s the side view of a bottle pocket:

Anne diaper bag

And there are lots of pockets on the inside:

Anne diaper bag 3

ANNIEUPNORTH takes custom orders, and if you want something special for someone special, you would not go wrong with her work.

Anne H. Doody

PO Box 87

Sinclair, Maine 04779

207-543-7382, or adoody1@hotmail.com

And Becky Morse of Gallery On The Lake can be reached at bgmorse@myfairpoint.net

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October 24, 2013 at 4:50 pm