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Turkey Tracks: Happy New Year!

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Turkey Tracks:  January 1, 2014



How did that happen?

Where did 2013 get to in such a hurry?

The older I get, the faster time flies–which must mean I am enjoying my life.  Or, maybe, that I am in a fog.  The latter is certainly true for parts of 2013 for sure as I dealt with the loss of John and learning to pick up the reins of a life now lived without a partner and located in a challenging geography that speaks to my heart and soul.  Maine and my property here on a hillside makes me feel alive and useful.

I am so blessed though.  I have such good, good friends and family, and I live in a place where community is so strong.

I want to take a moment and thank all of you for reading my blog, for “replying” when you feel moved to do so,” and for all your unending support.  I have been especially blessed this year with the strengthening of many relationships from all across my life–some of whom I thought lost, some of whom I didn’t realize I still had, some of whom I never knew I had and maybe didn’t until my 1963 classmates of Bellevue High School of Bellevue, Nebraska, home of Strategic Air Command (SAC)’s Offutt Air Force Base planned and held their 50th reunion.  (I didn’t attend, but did reconnect with so many of these very special people.)

My goal with this blog continues to be to SHARE:  information, research, experiences, passions, recipes, fiber arts, opinions about books and movies, and on and on.  I like to say that, especially for younger readers who are so busy with their lives, I am reading and sifting and sorting information so you don’t have to do those beginning tasks, so that YOU can choose where you want to obtain a deeper knowledge that you can know has some basis in fact or science.  I am trying to share in a way that allows us all to acquire more knowledge about the world we all share, the food we all eat, the stories we tell ourselves–good and problematic–that make us “us,” and the way the structure under which we live is functioning (or not).

And I never want to leave out, but to honor, the spirit, the life force, the mystery that undergirds and unites all life.  Not understanding how basic those connections are is a big part of how we have gotten to the place where we now struggle.

My very best wishes to each and every one of you for 2014, yes, but for…always.


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January 1, 2014 at 10:58 am

Turkey Tracks: Fifty-year Friendships

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Turkey Tracks:  August 27, 2013

Fifty-year Friendships

For an Air Force Brat whose family moved around a lot, old friendships go back to either my mother’s home town, Reynolds, Georgia, or to high school.

I went to about 14 different schools over the course of my education.  So I can’t remember who my teachers were or, in a lot of cases, who my friends were.  Something about that kind of transient life just whisked away memories other people hold very dear.

The closest I can come to these old memories is high school.  We were stationed in Omaha, Nebraska, home of Strategic Air Command (SAC) headquarters.  I think this posting was the longest we ever had–and I still went to three different schools.  I arrived at Bellevue High School in Bellevue, Nebraska, which was adjacent to Offutt Air Force Base, in my sophomore year.  (I went to Central HIgh School in Omaha my freshman year, and made a long bus ride to get there.  I didn’t know a single soul and could not break into cliques of students who had known each other from pre-school.

But a lot of Air Force Brats attended Bellevue High School–and I knew Becky Reavis (now Meyer) from Barksdale Air Force Base in Shreveport, Louisiana.  After Barksdale, we went to Tampa, Florida.  I don’t know where Becky went, if anywhere, before Bellevue.  But she was there, and she took me under her wing immediately.  She is a year older, class of 1962.

I had many friends in the class of 1962.  Among them is Carroll Risk Rhodes, who called me out of the blue the other day.  And guess what?  She’s a passionate quilter too and still makes a lot of her clothes.

Here are some pictures of her beautiful quilts:

Like me, she loves using squares.  This one is all batiks.  Isn’t it lovely?  It reminds me a bit of the “La La Log Cabin” quilt that Rhea from Alewives Quilting here in Damariscotta Mills taught local quilters to do.  There’s one of mine on this blog elsewhere called “Sun, Sea, Sand.”

Carroll Risk quilt

Here’s a stunning, contemporary “rail fence” idea.  I love Carroll’s use of color here.  Isn’t the border fabric wonderful?  I wonder if she chose the block colors using the border fabric or chose the border using the block fabrics?  This idea would be a fun way to use stash fabrics, too.

Carroll Risk quilt 7

Here’s another contemporary quilt, and again, I love the way Carroll uses  color.  This one hangs in her sewing room.

Carroll Risk quilt 6

And, finally, how fun is this quilt which Carroll has back of a grey couch.  Love the contemporary way she has used the bar form, and the piano key border with random widths is terrific.

Carroll Risk quilt 5

I’m trying to talk Carroll into coming to Maine to visit and quilt with me.  But she lives in Florida with a water view, so I know it’s going to be tough!

It would be so fun for our Coastal Quilters group to meet her and see her quilts.

Thanks for calling me, Carroll!

And, my own 1963 Bellevue High School class is having its 50th reunion this September in Omaha.  I have reconnected with so many of my classmates recently, and that has been wonderful, too.