Turkey Tracks: Ice!

Turkey Tracks:  December 22, 2013


This ice storm has been predicted for days now.

And sure enough, I woke this morning to a layer of ice on every surface that would hold it.  And the temps are hovering around 32 and slated to dip into the teens over the next few days.  Really cold weather means that the ice will hang around until we get a melt.

Here’s a not-so-good picture of ice on the trees:


The trees will bear this much ice without breaking.  The danger of power outages will come of the ice gets any thicker.  And that’s where the weather reports are unclear as everything depends on exactly where one lives and whether the rain is rain or icy rain.  The further west one lives, the more ice.  Very far west, there will be snow.

I crept out to the chicken coop this morning–throwing chicken scratch feed in front of me for traction.

The thin layer of ice coating everything is invisible, and it’s deeply treacherous.  So I crept along being very careful with each step.

This will be a sewing, blogging, reading day.  I roasted a huge chicken last night, so food is already done.  This will be a winter day where I will drift from one pleasurable project to another and count my blessings.

And Tom Jackson’s snow crew will come and put grit down on the driveway and the boardwalk to the house when the storm is over.

And thank heavens for the generator.  It’s this kind of ice storm I grew up with in the South and that I feared would come to Maine more frequently with a warming planet.