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Interesting Information: “Denmark Plans To Be 100% Organic”

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Interesting Information:  January 11, 2015

Denmark Plans To Be 100% Organic

…and the government is putting money behind this effort.

Here’s a quote from Well Being Journal, November/December 2015, page 36–itself taken from Carola Traverso Salibante’s “The Great Denmark Plan to Become a 100% Organic Country, July 16, 2015, http://finedininglovers.com

The Danish government is investing more than 53 million Euros in 2015 to convert the country’s agriculture into organic farming. Denmark is the most developed country in regard to the trade of organic products  It will also soon become the first in the world to achieve 100 percent organic and sustainable agriculture production.  The export of Danish organic products has increased by 200 percent since 2007.

There is also a huge campaign to get organic food into schools, hospitals, the military and so forth.


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January 11, 2016 at 1:01 pm