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Interesting Information: 53 Paper App

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Interesting Information:  January 19, 2014

53 Paper App


When I inherited John’s IPAD, Tara Derr Webb told me I’d like the App 53 Paper.

She’s right; I love this drawing APP, but don’t take enough time to just play with it.

Toni Venz likes it too, and she just a super duper stylus to use with it that’s she’s still learning.

Here’s a quick sketch she just sent:



Big smile to see this fun little sketch.  One can draw lines, or use watercolor effects, and on and on.  You can google 53 Paper to see how artists are using it.  And, of course, the pictures can be saved and sent…

Here’s what I was looking at today when Toni’s message came through:



Wet snow…

No No Penny is very bored with snow:



I downloaded Checkbook Pro today and set about putting my 2014 checks into it.  I needed something that could sort expenses by categories.  I had decided that I loathed, LOATHED, Quicken.  With Checkbook I could put the credit card and bank on, but I really just want something so I can sort checks and categories of spending.  The credit card does that kind of reportage at the end of each year, and I run as many expenses as I can through it for the miles.  It didn’t take me a minute; it’s easy and fast and intuitive, and I’m now happy.

Written by louisaenright

January 19, 2014 at 2:51 pm