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Turkey Tracks: I Killed My Christmas Cactus

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Turkey Tracks:  December

I Killed My Christmas Cactus

It took a few years, but I killed it!

I’ve had them for years before now–back in Virginia–and never had any trouble with them.

I don’t have much sun coming into the house here in Maine–the overhangs around the house block most direct sunlight.  And the few windows where I do have sun produce too much sun and are just in the wrong place for keeping plants over the winter.

I tried the plant I killed in many places in the house, but its leaves were limp and listless and obviously sick.

So, the other day I asked a local nursery what was wrong.

Too Much Water.

Up here in Maine, these plants can go for two months with no water–especially in the winter.  They need to get really, really dry.  The limp leaves are a sign of root rot.

Makes sense.

In Virginia the climate and light is very different–and I suspect water in a pot dried out faster so root rot did not set in.

Let’s see if I can get this new one to thrive.


Written by louisaenright

December 27, 2016 at 4:38 pm