Turkey Tracks: Wheels of Mystery Quilt

Turkey Tracks:  September 22, 2013

Wheels of Mystery Quilt

I started this hand project earlier in the summer.  I wanted to take a break from knitting and do some hand sewing at night watching tv shows and movies–that I stream.  I HATE all the noise and confusion of watching tv shows with commercials. It’s just plain painful.

So, this quilt has grown a lot since this picture…

Wheels of Mystery

I’m going to do 9 rows by 11 rows.

And, it’s all out of my stash.  And, scrappy, of course.

This block is an old traditional block–and I love what the curved pieces do when hung together.


Wheels of Mystery 2

They make BIG circles.  Isn’t that cool?

I have a childish delight in this quilt.

I tried to draw the block on QE7, but have been totally unable to do it.

Will try again, as I’d like to play with light and dark borders.  And what would an outer border of 9 patches look like?  Made with these same fabrics…