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Interesting Information: Table Salt vs. Sea Salt by Food Renegade

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Interesting Information:  January 6, 2015

Table Salt vs. Sea Salt

I love salt.

Good salt.

Good salt is sea salt that has been air dried and that is, even, a moist grey in nature–like Brittany, France, salt, aka Celtic salt.

Up here in Maine, we can get really good locally dried salt.  Some of it is the moist grey variety.  Some is much whiter and dry.

Food Renegade recently did this blog entry on her recommendations for a good salt.

The one she likes is also one I buy when I can’t get our local salt.

Take a look?

Table Salt vs. Sea Salt | Food Renegade.

Also, I addressed our need for salt in one of the Mainely Tipping Points essays–No. 38.  There are other blog entries on salt myths.  If you are interested, use the search button and the word “salt.”

Also, also, you need to think about getting enough iodine if you are just using sea salt.  I supplement and eat a lot of seaweed products.

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January 6, 2015 at 2:40 pm