Books: PEOPLE OF THE BOOK, Geraldine Brooks

Books:  June 15, 2015



Geraldine Brooks


I don’t know how I’ve missed Geraldine Brooks for as long as I have.

Mercy what a good read!!

The book traces–going back into time–the history of a very special Jewish book, a haggadah.  Again and again through time the book is saved by Muslims or Christians, in eras where the players might have quite logically destroyed it as being blasphemous.

Sounds dull, right?

Believe me, it’s anything but dull.  The characters in each era are developed so beautifully, and the book’s suspense continues right up to the final pages.

On the strength of this book, I downloaded CALEB’S CROSSING from our Maine audio library, and I enjoyed it as much as PEOPLE OF THE BOOK.  (What a treat to have it read to me as I sewed.)

Brook’s writing is beautiful, yes, but it also makes characters and history come alive by engaging all the complexity that makes us human and makes an era what it is.