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Turkey Tracks: Two of the Kiddos and a Sewing Machine

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Turkey Tracks:  April 12, 2016

Two of the Kiddos and a Sewing Machine

Two of the kiddos got into sewing on mom’s sewing machine on my last trip down to see them.

Tami and I were working on her tablerunner–started up here in Maine on her recent visit.

Here it is being layered for pinning:


Of course, once we started sewing, two of the kiddos appeared and wanted to “help.”

I’ve long been afraid of being held responsible for fingers being hurt on a sewing machine.  But you know what, the sewing machine feet really do block fingers getting under the needle for the most part.  And I have been waiting for this moment for some years.

These two started digging through leftover fabric and cutting out pieces for “a pillow.”  Talula even went with us to a nearby fabric store and purchased some fabric of her own and some pillow stuffing cotton.

How can one resist that kind of interest?

You can’t.  It needs to be fostered, nourished, developed.

So I sat down and got some scrap fabric and showed them how the machine worked and turned them loose to get comfortable–which did not take long at all.

Of course they snarled the machine in due time, but they learned, too, how to unsnarl it and get going again.



Next, they sewed their pillows together while I sat next to them and gave encouragement.


They got into mom’s button jar and were delighted:



When I peeked into bedrooms, the pillows were on their beds.

That sewing machine was humming along nonstop for several days.

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April 12, 2016 at 4:07 pm