Turkey Tracks: Talula’s Beans

Turkey Tracks:  October 5, 2015

Talula’s Beans

Hi everyone!

I hope all of you have been as busy and happy as I have been this summer and fall.

I do apologize for not posting on the blog a bit more, but life got in the way.

And now I am almost done with winterizing outside, but I can’t quite break down the front flower pots yet.  They are still so beautiful.

When granddaughter Talula was here in early August, she planted this row of beans for me:  haricot vertes.


Look what I picked last week:


These little guys are so delicious and freeze well.  I picked another batch almost as large Sunday.

This bush bean will bloom and make beans until the frost stops them.

Thanks, Talula!

Turkey Tracks: Garden Bounty

Turkey Tracks:  July 31, 2011

Garden Bounty

Mike, Tami, and the kiddos left Thursday morning for the two-day drive home to Charleston.  We miss them already.

 Miss Reynolds Georgia is so thrown off that she has pooped in the house for three days running.  Here’s the kind of attention she misses from all four children:

Here’s a picture I particularly loved–taken at the Camden Amphitheater during a music concert.  Wilhelmina’s hand is missing.  The children were new to making clover chains and insisted I make crowns, necklaces, and ankle/wrist bracelets:

Garden Bounty pours forth.  Here’s a picture of fresh-picked raspberries.  The bushes are thriving on the chicken-coop bedding dressings in spring and fall.

Here’s a picture of what we picked yesterday evening–except for a large bowl of raspberries that went home with Barb Melchiskey.  We got two kinds of onions–spring and bulb; the first zuke; beans–HARICOT VERTES we can’t wait to eat and Dragon’s Tongue (Heritage seed); and what is probably the last of the sweet peas you can eat right off the vine or blanche quickly–we love them on salads: