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Cutting The River Birches

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Turkey Tracks: July 17, 2020

Cutting The River Birches

They were big, overgrown, bent, and an accident waiting to happen.

We planted them when we first moved here in 2004. River Birches don’t have a long life span, so I knew that they were entering the time frame when they would cause trouble—especially in the winter.

Tom Jackson of Jackson Landscape Services, who has bailed me out so many, many times now, came to view the problem and agreed that the best course was just to cut them down. And, to add to the work order a regular birch tree out front that was overgrowing the front yard and upper deck.

Tom organized Timbercliff Tree Services to do the work that happened this week. Tibercliff does terrific work and has a terrific crew. They actually came about five years ago and trimmed these same river birches after they had been badly damaged in a winter ice storm—which gave them another five years of life here.

I will miss the beautiful bark and these graceful trees, but I’m also looking forward to having more sun in this part of the yard.

Timbercliff uses a bucket to get to the tops of the trees when they can.

Wow. You can see the house again.

And this bed will now get a lot of sun. I love the way our woods are so dark and mysterious in the summer. They beg you to come explore.

The birch tree out front was kind of wrapped around a big oak. The lower branches have been cut now, but you can see, on the left, the oak in front and the birch behind it. For this work, a brave man climbs the tree—which is on a VERY steep hill. The cut tree parts will just be laid at the base on the hill to help shore it up. We used to have a path to the meadow down this hill, but I gave up that work a long time ago.

I’ve never seen AC ask to go inside when there is lots of activity outside. But he’s almost 2 1/2 years old now, and he’s learned some wisdom. Clearly he thought all the men on the property and the heavy sound of the saws was dangerous.

Taking down the birch in the front is giving the front beds much more light. There is a new feeing of openness out there now.

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July 17, 2020 at 10:21 am

Turkey Tracks: Drainage Project

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Turkey Tracks:  April 19, 2018

Drainage Project

I had a major drainage project going on all last week.

My garage sits below a rather steep hill that discards both surface and underground water–much of which goes right into the garage.  Or goes under the garage foundation.

There have been times when I’ve had 6 to 8 inches of water inside that garage–which happens when the ground is frozen and we get rain rather than snow.  This year we had bitter cold early on, and all this moisture froze and settled on the inside roof of the garage.  At first I thought my new roof was leaking, but Horch Roofing came out and got me going in the right direction toward fixing the problem.  They installed a ridge vent which will work to let any moisture out of the garage.  It is not a building that will ever be heated I don’t think.

Evergreen Home Performance very kindly came out and helped me figure out what else to do and who might do that work.  In the back of my mind was Stephen Pennoyer, who is now in Florida, telling me that I really should put in French drains around the garage.  Evergreen thought so as well.  The question was what kind of French drains.  Also, the garage faces north, so the front drive holds snow for a long time.

After getting some consults and bids, I settled on Tom Jackson, who has always “done right” by me.  He has solved several major property problems for me over the years.

Tom thought French drains in key places, yes, but also more work on the ditch on the other side of the driveway, which was not functioning properly.

The ditches around the garage are over three feet deep and are now, filled with pipes and gravel.

The “kabota” lived up here this week:

Doesn’t it look nice.  There was NO WATER in this garage after a really heavy rain a few days ago.

The far side of the garage does not have ditches, but has been shored up as it was eroding and the back corner foundation was out of the earth.  Tom added a gravel drip line to help prevent erosion.  What you see piled up are the boardwalk sections, which the men very kindly took up and stacked for the summer.

The drainage ditch on the other side of the drive has been dug out again and filled with gravel.  In the process, Tom discovered a pipe way to the left of where the well overflow is that was pouring water down the drive.  That pipe has been redirected into the ditch.

I think this work will solve this thorny drainage problem that has plagued us for years and years.  No more worries about the garage rotting out now.  No more sheets of ice on the driveway.  It’s all good!

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April 19, 2018 at 3:50 pm