Turkey Tracks: The Kiddos’ Quilts in Charleston

Hello Everyone!

I am back from Charleston, SC.  I tried to post to the blog on the ipad from there, and the interface was just too clunky.  Friend Giovanna McCarthy told me there was an app for “WordPress,” so I downloaded that a few days ago, but have not yet tried it out.  I LOVE the ipad.  It’s so easy and light when traveling.  So, the blog below was written on April 23.



Turkey Tracks:  April 23, 2013

The Kiddos’ Quilts in Charleston

I make them.

Than most of them I give away.

The grandchildren have quite a few of them.  There were the baby quilts.  Then the “big bed” quilts.  And, in a few cases, a wall quilt.

Imagine my delight to see some of the quilts in use in a bedroom that can sleep four of the kiddos in bunks, freeing up a bedroom for a guest–like me!


I love both of those wall quilts and had such fun making them.  Both came from now-famous patterns.  The one on the left is called “Over By the Pond” if I’m not mistaken.  The “jar” block is pretty standard, but I’m sure I bought this pattern as a kit that came with the buggy fabrics.  I wanted my kiddos to be deeply connected to nature, and I love and am fascinated with bugs.

The little blue churn dash quilt was made for my first grandchild, Bowen.  It has some Maine blueberry fabrics in it.

The red-bound quilt was also Bowen’s, his “big bed” quilt.  All these children have special quilts, not just Bowen.

Here’s a better view of “Over By The Pond.”