Interesting Information: Toaster Death Rant

Interesting Information:  November 18, 2014

Toaster Death Rant

Here’s a picture of the Cuisenart toaster I bought about three years ago and no more than four years ago.

I paid about $70 for it, thinking that buying a “good” toaster was more reasonable than buying a cheap one that would wear out quickly.



This toaster died this week.

There is one person using it.  One person who does not toast every day.

Can I tell you that I’m pretty sure that my mother had the same toaster for about twenty years.  Maybe longer.

Look at this big honking thing that is now going into the dump.

I will never buy Cuisenart again.  Never.

And I won’ t spend $$$ on a “good” toaster either.

There isn’t one, apparently.

We are now living in late capitalism–where we are at the end of the chain in terms of quality products.  Manufacturers have cut so many corners that they’ve ruined their products totally.  And, these products are using up valuable resources and filling up land fills.  Meanwhile, these products cost the same or, even, more.

It’s INSANE!!!

It’s unsustainable!!!

All the money in the world won’t compensate for a fouled earth.