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Interesting Information: Magnesium Stearate: A Dangerous Ingredient in Your Supplements

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Interesting Information:  November 16, 2015

Magnesium Stearate:

A Dangerous Ingredient in Your Supplements

While watching “The Truth About Cancer:  A Global Quest,” the issue of magnesium stearate in supplements came up several times.

What, I thought?  More magnesium, and I’m already taking two kinds on purpose.  That’s probably enough…

So, I went and checked, and sure enough, there it was in the Curcumin I was taking AND a potassium/iodine supplement I was taking.


Apparently magnesium stearate is used as a binder in supplements and can be made of something like cotton seed oil, as that’s cheap.

I googled around and came up with this Mercola post, which speaks to WHY magnesium stearate is…toxic.  It can cause serious absorption issues.  I certainly don’t need absorption issues with all the food allergies (leaky gut) I already have.

Check out YOUR supplements, and read Mercola’s post?

A Dangerous Ingredient in Your Supplements

Written by louisaenright

November 16, 2015 at 11:28 am