Turkey Tracks: Quilts From Friends

Turkey Tracks:  January 20, 2015

Quilts From Friends


I love having quilts made by my friends all around me.

Every time I see one of those quilts, which is many times each day, I think of that person/those persons.  And I feel all the loving energy that went into that piece of work.

I bought this quilt top at a quilters’ auction in Virginia just before we moved to Maine.  I thought it looked like Maine, and I love baskets.  I quilted it the first winter we were here–2004-2005.


My Virginia quilt bee–the Toppers, because we made a lot of top for our big group’s auction–sent me to Maine with the Buzz Saw quilt–which I recently showed you:



It lives in my bedroom.  Underneath it is an afghan made by my SIL Maryann Enright which lives on my bed most of the time.


Roxanne Wells made this quilt, which hangs in my bedroom.


The Coastal Quilters made this quilt for John and me when he was so sick.  They said we needed a “quilting hug.”  This picture is on my bed, but this quilt lives in the downstairs bedroom that we set up for him and that he never used.  That room has been repainted and refurbished and is a favorite of many in the family.  I am in and out of that room many times each day as its closet holds a lot of my quilting tools.

Shine On edited

My DIL, Tamara Enright, made this quilt for my birthday a few years back.  It hangs at the entrance to my quilt room:


Did you know that cardinals are said to come to a house when there is trouble/emotions.  On the day John died, we had five or six at the feeders.  Ordinarily these birds stay in Camden and don’t come out to Howe Hill.  They like flat feeders…

Gail Nicholson made this quilt, which has launched me on a quilt trip to put more quilts into the downstairs sitting/tv room/den?



Joan Herrick quilted Gail’s quilt.  Joan quilts free-hand on a long arm!



Betty Johnson makes beautiful little art quilts.  I finally got one of hers at our last auction:


It lives in the living room:



Milly Young made this quilt top, and I bought it at one of our auctions and finished it and fell in love with it along the way.


Millie Young's quilt

Millie Young's quilt 3


I really need to use all these quilts more than I do now.

I have always had a tendency to “save” things for “good.”  But the point of a quilt is to USE THEM.  So, this last one is coming downstairs TODAY to go into my sitting room project.


Turkey Tracks: A Lovely Literary Evening

Turkey Tracks:  June 23, 2013

A Lovely Literary Evening

Last Thursday, Sister-in-Law Maryanan Enright drive up from Boston to join me for a literary evening in Maine.

The Community School fundraiser was hosted by the CellarDoor Winery in Lincolnville, and the delicious food was prepared by Megunticook Market.  Richard Russo put together a panel of writers to entertain–himself, Monica Wood, and Bill Roorbach.  All three are recipients of recent literary awards, and all three live and work in Maine.  And all three have published recent memoirs, so the discussion revolved around the line between fact and fiction and the role of memory in our lives.

Russo you might know from the novel EMPIRE FALLS, which was made into a movie.  Russo had an enduring friendship with Paul Newman, as Newman starred in many of the movies made from Russo’s books.  Monica Wood is sublime.  I most recently read (again) her EARNIE’S ARK.  Bill Roorbach is new to me, but he has the most delightful sense of wry humor, and I bought his latest, which has won literary prizes.  Maryann went home with Wood’s recent memoir, WHEN WE WERE THE KENNEDY’S and EARNIE’S ARK.  We have promised to switch the books all around later in the summer.  I’m currently reading Russo’s THAT OLD CAPE MAGIC and will start Roorbach’s latest novel soon–LIFE AMONG GIANTS.

Here’s Maryann at the Cellar Door Winery’s front walk:

Maryann, Cellar door, June 2013

That stand of poppies is emblematic of how beautiful they have been this year in Maine.  Some people have scads of them around their houses–all nodding in orange splendor:

Cellar Door, poppies

Here’s the back view from the main building.  You can see a vineyard in the distance.  Maryann really wanted to go sit in those chairs:

Cellar Door Winery back view

We are at the solstice summer hump–so now the days will begin to shorten once more.  But for now, the evenings are long and lovely, and the chickens don’t go to roost until after 8 p.m. most nights.

The mother bird has rebuilt five of the front porch nests.  Two are pretty developed.  I still can’t see exactly what she is, and she does not seem to be actively sitting on a nest.  I’m suspecting a Robin mother…

The mystery continues…

Turkey Tracks: First Strawberries

Turkey Tracks:  June 23, 2013

First Strawberries

Well, they’re the second picking actually.

Sister-in-law Maryann Enright got the first bowl as I assured her I would be picking more later in the afternoon as they ripened in the sun and that she MUST eat some before she had to leave for her drive back to Boston.

Strawberries, June 2013

This strawberry is “Sparkle,” and it is known for its delicious taste.  It does not always keep its rich color if you freeze berries–and I do–but it always keeps its delicious taste.  These are as sweet, sweet as can be–though they are a bit larger than normal.  That would be an effect of all the rain I suspect.



And no comparison to those sour store-bought babes.