Books, Documentaries, Reviews: Alice Munro’s RUNAWAY

Books, Documentaries, Reviews:  January 4, 2013

Alice Munro’s Runaway


Alice Munro is from Canada.

She is the 2013 Nobel Laureate for fiction.

Munro writes short stories.

Here’s a link describing her work, etc.:  Where to start with Alice Munro, the newest Nobel laureate for fiction · The A.V. Club.

The third book I downloaded from the library and am listening to while I quilt is Munro’s Runaway.

I’m a bit into the story of the title and am really impressed with how Munro writes, what she says, and the characters she draws.

She has been compared to Chekov.

Personally, I think so many good writers come from Canada because they have a real winter.

That winter gives them time to reflect and to think.

Oh my goodness!  What they dream up!