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Turkey Tracks: “Songbird” Quilt

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Turkey Tracks:  June 25, 2014

Songbird Quilt


A baby quilt for a little girl!

Niece Lucy Howser Stevens was due in June with my great niece…

Here’s the fabric with which I started.  I fell in love with the large print last fall at Marge Hallowell’s Maine-ly sewing in Nobleboro, Maine, and knew I’d use it in a baby quilt.  Then, while at Maine-ly Sewing, at a January sale day, I saw these polka dot fabrics.  Of course they were NOT on sale!  As the large print was still in the store, I was able to determine that the polka dots would work.  Friend Gail Nicholson saw the BIG polka dots and said she was sure they would work really well with the little ones.  So I bought that fabric too.



Here’s the finished quilt–which I sent off last week.  Five days to Wyoming…


“Songbird” is a nice size, too–which you can tell when it’s on a queen-sized bed.


Here are some close-ups:



I like the low-contrast of many of the nine-patch blocks in this quilt as they allow the big print and some of the big polka dot fabrics to shine.



Here’s the center:


The backing is pink polka dot:


And the pantograph was Anne Bright’s “12-inch Simple Feathers.”  I really like the soft, feminine curves in this pantograph.


The quilting came out really nicely in this quilt.  I used a soft cream thread.

So there you have it:  “Songbird” quilt for a little girl, Willamina Grace, who, I hope, will sing through her life.

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June 25, 2014 at 10:57 am

Turkey Tracks: “Blossom,” the wedding quilt

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Turkey Tracks:  May 13, 2013

“Blossom,” the wedding quilt

Daughter-in-law Tamara Kelly Enright and I wanted to make bride Ashley Malphrus (now White) a wedding quilt.  The wedding was April 21, 2013, and it was gorgeous.  The ceremony was held with one of the low country rivers as a backdrop–green lawns, big house, big white tent.  It was lovely.  Ashley and her mother, Allison Malphrus, had thought of so many thoughtful, sweet touches all during the wedding.  I’m always in awe of that kind of thoughtfulness as I’m not good at it.

Last Thanksgiving, Tami and I picked out contemporary, colorful Kaffe Fasset fabrics–and Mainely Quilting shopowner Marge Hallowell cut us a big array of the Kaffe Fasset prints.  With a “layer cake” design, one starts with a 10-inch square (in our case), cuts off four borders, which leaves a central square.   Different borders are put onto different squares, and the result–after using these bright modern prints–is a very contemporary, colorful quilt.

I finished hand sewing the binding just before the wedding and mailed the quilt to Tami.  It’s BIG, and I didn’t want to carry it on the plane.  Tami and I delivered it the Friday before the wedding, as I didn’t want to have it at the wedding tent.  I also wanted to explain that the quilt is an heirloom quilt, to be used and loved, but also to be cherished in the way of being a little careful with it.

Here’s “Blossom”–and it’s not a great picture of it.  But you can see how big it is.

Blossom 1

Here’s some blocks close up.  I quilted it with a bright pink thread, and that is wonderful on both the back and the front.   I used a “Sweet Pea” pantograph, but both sides are busy enough that you don’t really see the pattern.  It will catch Ashley, some day, when the light falls just right on the quilt.  I did the best job ever on the quilting.

Blossom block

Here’s the backing and binding–so you can see how they play with the blocks:

Blossom backing and binding 2

And here’s what “Blossom” might look like folded on the foot of a bed:

Blossom at foot of bed 2

The name “Blossom” describes the quilt, yes, but it’s also meant to wish, for Ashley, that she blossoms with her marriage, that her marriage blossoms, that the blossoming creates fruit, that in turn, blossoms, and on and on and on…

Turkey Tracks: “Quilt of Many Colors”

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Turkey Tracks:  April 8, 2012

Quilt of Many Colors

I’m now thinking of this whole winter’s work as “The Scrappy Quilting Project.”

The “Quilt of Many Colors” helped use up more of the 2 X 31/2 rectangles I have been cutting up for over 10 years.  Remember, I pulled out most of the blue ones to make the “Blue Fox Trot” quilt.  So, here’s what the pile looked like when I started this quilt.

Clearly they needed to be color sorted first of all:

I had in mind using a pattern from Judy Hooworth and Margaret Rolfe’s book, SUCCESSFUL SCRAP QUILTS FROM SIMPLE RECTANGLES, which has guided me with cutting the 2 x 3 1/2 rectangles in the first place and, then, using them.

But, I didn’t like the way those blocks developed.  Hooworth and Rolfe were working with plaids, and their version of this pattern is lovely.  My colors were just dying in these blocks.  See?

So, I struck out on my own.

I went down to Marge Hallowell’s Mainely Sewing in Nobleboro.  Marge has been a great consultant in The Scrappy Quilting Project.  She helped me pick out four bright colors:  orange, turquoise, acid green, and magenta with a darker purple running through it.  I loved what started happening.   Note that I’m already alternating how the rectangles orient.

But, I began to see that just having these four bright colors was going to present problems with how to arrange them.  Here there’s already a pattern forming on the diagonal of warm and cool blocks in the diagonol lines.  So, I started pulling brights out of my stash, and here’s what happened on the design wall.

I found a great backing in Marge’s 40% off attic.  And, chose a binding that’s hot pink with yellow stars.

Here’s the quilt all finished.  Something about it reminds me of a brand new box of crayons–something to this day I have trouble resisting.

Here’s a block, so you can see how I quilted it–using a freehand daisy chain in lime green thread–which plays nicely against the flowers in the backing fabric.

Here’s the backing and binding.  The yellow stars on the hot pink binding are adding a really lively and fun sparkle to this quilt.

So, there you go.  A beautiful, fun, charming quilt out of the chaos of all those rectangles.

I’m really happy with this one!