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Interesting Information: Beware: “Non-GMO” Cheerios Oats Still Sprayed With Roundup

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Interesting Information:  June 28, 2015

Beware:  “Non-Gmo” Cheerios Oats Still Sprayed With Roundup


To dry them out before harvest–which is another “efficiency” short cut devised by industrial food folks.

BUT, the real issue here is that we cannot trust industry to play fair–so we cannot trust the labels industry puts on our food.

And now, industry is fighting tooth and toenail NOT to have to label foods properly.

All we want is clean healthy normal food that isn’t drenched with heinous, dangerous chemicals.  Right?

Again, my rule is that if it comes in a box or most cans, don’t buy it.

“Non-GMO” Cheerios Oats Still Sprayed With Roundup, Supplier.

Written by louisaenright

June 28, 2015 at 3:34 pm