Turkey Tracks: “Octagons: Blue and Orange” Quilt

Turkey Tracks:  April 23, 2015

“Octagons:  Blue and Orange” Quilt

I’ve been working on a series of paper pieced color studies:  opposites on the color wheel–red/green, blue/orange, and purple/yellow.

These opposites really “pop” the two colors, don’t they?

Here’s the latest:  octagons separated by squares.

I saw a smaller version of paper pieced octagons with squares some time last year.  So I ordered the paper templates–not quite realizing that these patterns are measured by the size of each side, not the overall size of the octagon itself.

Then, LOL, I have to tell this on myself–it took me some time to realize that in essence this octagon is just a “snowball” block–only the separating squares are not part of the octagon itself–forming the square when each square block is pieced to the others.  Boy did I feel silly when the light bulb went off.


I used pearl cotton to quilt.  Orange in the middle and blues in the borders.



Then I went mad with buttons–but had so much fun.   (I like the geometric shapes that the quilting lines formed.)



Here’s a corner:


And here’s the first quilt in the series–to remind you–where I used Lucy Boston honeycomb templates.



Both quilts are hanging in or just outside my quilt room.