Turkey Tracks: Peter Hinsch’s Pictures From the J&E Riggin July 2016 Music Sail

August 22, 2016

Peter Hinsch’s Pictures From the J&E Riggin July 2016 Music Sail

Peter Hinsch is a gifted photographer.

Thank you, Peter, for agreeing to let me post some of your gorgeous pictures of our J&E Riggin sail this past July.

They mostly speak for themselves.

But, look at this picture of one of the ospreys who were, at that time, raising babies in a nest high above the Riggin dock.  The parents would “escape” to this nearby perch when they had had enough parenting.


Captain Annie Mahle in her boat kitchen.


Lots of swimming off the boat this year:




Going ashore in Southwest Harbor, Mount Desert, Acadia Park


Furling the sails when the day’s sail is done and we are at anchor:


This picture’s event was really fun.  A big lobster boat was working alongside while we were anchored one morning.  It was fun to see them right alongside practically hauling up lobster cages, harvesting lobsters, throwing some back, rebaiting, throwing the cage back, and moving on.  Then they came near and asked if we had coffee to share–a move which afforded us a grand view of the boat and crew–one of whom was a woman.  Annie brought coffee from the kitchen and cups were handed off the lobster boat to be filled–except for a cup that sailed through the air when one of our crew said “throw it, I’ll catch it.”  We all held our breath, and he did.  Thank heavens!!


Belfast Harbor, tied to the Timberwind for the night.  Good food and good music ensured that night.


Belfast Harbor.