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Turkey Tracks: Megan Brun’s First Ribbon

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Turkey Tracks:  August 1, 2016

Megan Brun’s First Ribbon

Some of us had to make a lot of quilts before winning a ribbon.

Not Megan Bruns of Coastal Quilters.

This past weekend, this young woman WON a third first time out–at the Maine State quilt show:  Pine Tree Quilters’ Guild:


Megan began this low-volume quilt with the hand-appliquéd colored circles you see here.  Then she surrounded the circles with lots of low-volume blocks.  See the “natural” circles at the lower left of the picture? And, of course, the fabric she found with circles included.

I’ve seen this quilt.  It is yummy, yummy.  Alewives Quilt Shop in Damariscotta Mills, Maine, did the modern quilting, and that’s yummy too.

Congratulations!!! Megan!!!

Can’t wait to see the quilt you are working on now finished–a very, very intricate English Paper Pieced millifiore quilt with tiny, tiny pieces.  (You can see some of that quilt in earlier posts.)   And, of course, hanging at Pine Tree next year.

PS:  She made her dinosaur shirt too.


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August 1, 2016 at 1:53 pm

Turkey Tracks: Friendship Samplers Quilt Show, Belfast, Maine

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Turkey Tracks:  November 1, 2013

Friendship Samplers Quilt Show

Belfast, Maine


Friendship Samplers is the Pine Tree Quilting Guild chapter located to Camden’s north, in Belfast, Maine.

(We are the Coastal Quilters here in Camden.)

The Friendship Samplers quilters are strong, competent, wonderful quilters.  There is just so much talent in that group.

They do a quilt show every other year, and this year was the year.

And this year, their show was as wonderful as ever.

I did not begin to take pictures of everything–or even of some of the most amazing quilts–and there were many.  I took pictures of work that stimulated my own creativity.  And do remember that the quilts I love best are scrappy quilts that are functional.

First, my most favorite quilt was my friend Joan Herrick’s “Logs and Ladders”–where she has combined a log cabin block with a Jacob’s Ladder block–and took advantage of their strong directional orientations.  There’s one of these in my future!

Frienship S's, J. Herrick Logs and Ladders

I was intrigued by the quilting in this quilt–and later realized it’s called “McTavishing,” after Karen McTavish, who invented it.  You can see how to do it on Leah Day’s web site, along with at least 400 other free-motion quilting designs she has put onto utube videos.

Friendship S's 3

Don’t you love this modern “take” on the log cabin block?

Friendship S's 2

I love the work of Alice Parsons.  And she had a hand in this quilt below:

It’s stitched with bright orange thread in squiggly lines up and down the quilt.  And look at the use of purple for the sashing.  That purple is making the yellow leap out of the quilt!

Friendship S's 6

Look at how the center square is varied–and the use of the adorable funky bird–and the use of rows of the squares…

Friendship S's 5

I want to make a quilt with birds at the center of some kind of block.  And I love what these quilters have done here.  It’s just so much fun!

Friendship S's 4


Here’s another creative idea for making use of a central square with something (birds!) fussy cut inside it.  Surround the square with flying geese and corner blocks:

Friendship S's 9


The flying geese and their backgrounds can vary in color choice.  What’s uniting the quilt here is the sashing/border fabric–in this case black and white and the use of the center square with a border around it.


Friendship S's 8


The Friendship Samplers always have a “quilt alley” where you buy chances (25 for $2!!!) and put your chances in the can/s of the quilt/s number you like.

All these quilts were to be “won” on Friday.  Another set went up on Saturday.

Friendship 18

I found many little quilts I liked on this wall.  But this one was my favorite:

Frienship S's 19


Here’s a close-up of the blocks:

Friendship S's 22

The Friendship Samplers always have goodies to eat–and they COVER FOOD TABLES WITH QUILTS–which fascinated Giovann McCarthy–on her first outing to a Frienship Samplers Quilt Show:

Friendship S's 10

I really loved some of these “table cloth” quilts.  I cringed at using a quilt for a table cloth, but their use does remind one that quilts are made to be used and loved:

Here’s a close-up of a table cloth quilt.  I’ve never found a squared square form that I didn’t like:

Friendship S's 13

Here’s a close-up:

Friendship S's 11

I was most intrigued with this pattern as well:

Friendship S's 12


Here below you can see the two blocks that make the pattern together:  4 half-square triangles with the colors to the inside making a square AND a sixteen patch with four red blocks making the center.  I’d cut the block to combine two of the white squares into a rectangle though

Friendship S's 15

This quilt was HAND STITCHED!!!


Friendship S's 14

Imagine it made in any number of colors–as long as you keep the light and dark values:  blue, yellow, orange, brown, etc.

SO, our group really enjoyed the Friendship Samplers Quilt Show 2013 and look forward to attending in 2015!

Thanks Friendship Samplers!

After the show we had lunch at Chase’s Daily–which specializes in local foods mostly from (in season) their farm.  And we visited Nancy’s Quilt Shop on Route 3 just outside Belfast to pick up more of a fabric that two of our quilters wanted to buy more of than Nancy had at the show.



Turkey Tracks: “A Thousand Flowers” Comes Home

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Turkey Tracks:  August 20, 2011

“A Thousand Flowers” Comes Home

Here’s what our Coastal Quilters’ Grocery Store Challenge looked like hanging at the Pine Tree Quilters’ Guild show in Augusta, Maine, this past July.   You can see  my entry, “A Thousand Flowers”–it’s the third from the left, top row.  I wrote a blog entry on this quilt earlier, so you can take a look at that if you want to see a close-up.  On the right sidebar, search on quilts.  I used Green Hive Honey Farm as my food product–local UNHEATED honey which is made by bees from “A Thousand Flowers.”

Sarah Ann Smith staged this presentation with her usual flair.  Viewers were asked to try to identify which quilt represented what product from the grocery store.  Answers lay beneath the strips of fabric on the cards below.  Sarah is a nationally recognized quilt teacher and has a fabulous web site, which you can visit to see her amazing and exciting work:  http://www.sarahannsmith.com/index.php.  Sarah’s quilt is to the right of mine.

And, here’s “A Thousand Flowers” in the entryway to my quilt room.  Home at last.

Turkey Tracks: Red Fish Quilt

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Turkey Tracks:  March 13, 2011

Red Fish Quilt

 I finished the Red Fish quilt.  I started it the summer of 2010 in a class with Jo Diggs at the Pine Tree Quilters’ Guild show. 

 Here it is:

 Each piece was hand appliqued onto the hand-dyed background fabric.  I hand quilted around each appliqued piece to make them stand out from the fabric.   I hand quilted the green fauna in the foreground bottom and the dark hillock at the bottom.  But, the hand quilting on applique shapes didn’t show up, and there were too many layers to do it easily.  So, as I machine piece well, I used that skill to get the final effects I wanted and to make the three thread painted little blue fish.   In retrospect, leaving the small fish’s fins and tails alone might have been a better choice…  I don’t think the quilt needs more beading than it has. 

There are more hours in this little quilt than I want to think about, and I’m glad it’s finished.  I have even more respect for Jo Diggs who makes BIG quilts using this method.  Take a moment and look at her gallery, and you’ll see what I mean:  http://www.jodiggs.com/jodiggs/Gallery.html.    

Here’s a very close-up view of a piece of the quilt. 

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