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Turkey Tracks: Blue Hubbard Squash

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Turkey Tracks:  October 20, 2012

Blue Hubbard Squash

I’ve been fascinated with Blue Hubbard squash for some years now.

Last year, I planted seeds, but nothing came of them.  This year we had a very rainy, cool June, and I planted cucumbers and zucchini about five times before any of the plants really got going.  The zucchini finally produced enough for us to enjoy zucchini on a regular basis.  The cukes finally produced two small fruits in early September.  (Fortunately neighbor Susan McBride had plenty of cukes in her amazing hoop houses at Golden Brook Farm, so I made some of Sandor Ellison Katz’s New York pickles from his WILD FERMENTATION–and they were absolutely delicious.)

And, I kept planting Blue Hubbard squash in the long front bed where I also planted strawberries for next year.  Here’s what the vine looked like in late August–the pic is taken from the upper porch, looking down.

Nice, I thought.  Decorative even.  Lots of blossoms, too, but…  Then I noticed a pale growth underneath the leaves on the lower right, up next to the porch.

It was a BIG fruit.  Still green, still not blue, but a BIG fruit.  I held my breath about frost and left it alone.  I picked it about a week ago and put it into the garage to “sugar off” for a bit.  Squash almost always need to sit for a bit of time after harvest to get really sweet.

Here’s how BIG my Blue Hubbard got:

It’s as big as a chicken.  Bigger even.

Back in the day, folks would cut a hunk out of a Blue Hubbard for dinner and just leave the rest in a cool place for the next meal.  I’m sure I posted a blog on roasting one I bought last year–which is what I will do with this one.  I’ll cut it in half, scoop out the seeds, roast it in the oven (face down), scoop out the flesh and store it in meal-sized portions in the freezer.  It makes a nice pie, too.  The flesh is mellow, nutty, and lovely.

The squash I planted in the blue tubs also did REALLY well this summer.  Here’s a pic from sometime in, probably, July.

We harvested a box full of squash:  two beautiful little pie pumpkins, eight or ten butternuts, a buttercup, five or six delicatas, and an assortment of small blue hubbards that are probably edible.  I’ll plant squash here again.

Written by louisaenright

October 20, 2012 at 11:54 am