Turkey Tracks: Camden Maine Lions and Leos Clubs Go Bowling

Turkey Tracks:  April 8, 2018

Camden Maine Lions and Leos Clubs Go Bowling

Last Thursday the Camden Lions and Leos met at the bowling alley at Point Lookout (Northport, Maine) to help raise money for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program in coastal Maine.

The bowling alley was filled with happy people having a really good time bowling.  And I am once again struck by how many really good people are living in my community.

Note:  do see the pics below of the Jerri Finch murals that are around the bowling alley walls at Point Lookout.


I went home plotting to return with grandchildren this summer and with a strong desire to try this sport again–after over 50 years.  Maybe next year I’ll join the Lions and Leos to actually bowl for this fundraiser.

Lions Nikki Bland and Karen Martin facilitate the Leos Program.  Here’s Lion Nikki signing us up at the front desk:


Leos bowling:

Lions Karen Martin and Jim Christie:

Lion Mike Castle:

The bowling alley walls at Point Lookout have a whole series of murals painted by local artist Jerri Finch that feature quilt blocks.  These murals are quite spectacular.

My pictures do not do these murals justice.  They are BIG, of course.  See Jerrifinch.com.

Turkey Tracks: Thanksgiving Dinner, Point Lookout, Maine

Turkey Tracks:  November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving Dinner, Point Lookout, Maine

I had to take beloved friend Gina Caceci back to the Portland airport yesterday.

It’s always hard to let her go home!

We stopped at LLBean on the way down–to return my winter coat with a funky zipper that would not work.  Of course the LLBean person made it work immediately.  But they gave me a new coat anyway.  LLBean is the BEST!

Here’s Gina and No No Penny at “the boot.”


We ate, we walked, we talked, we binge-watched Netflix (THE CROWN, excellent!!) (HEARTLAND, a favorite), we grieved over the election.

For Thanksgiving dinner, we picked up neighbor Sarah Rheault, and the three of us went up to Point Lookout for a scrumptious dinner.

The full-sized female moose was on the opposite side of the fireplace.


Here are Gina and Sarah in front of the amazing view:




It is flat out dark by 4:30 or so these days.  Our seating was at 2:30, so we watched the dusk arrive.