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Turkey Tracks: Pea Soup Fog

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Turkey Tracks:  May 13, 2013

Pea Soup Fog

Friend and old neighbor (Falls Church, VA,where I lived for nearly 40 years) Gina Caceci visited this weekend.  It was so great to see her.  And I let her get out of here without getting one single picture of her.  But, I think we talked nonstop for three days.  And did a little driving around to see the sights.

We had “soft” days while she was here–and they were badly needed.  It has been soooo dry here, with fire warnings and “no burning” allowed for weeks now.

May and June can be quite foggy on the coast, and we’ve had a fog bank sitting on the coast for about a week now.  I have always been fascinated with how the fog can move in and out, like a slowly flapping curtain in the wind.   Sometimes as you are driving along the coast road, the fog will start to come across the road, moving in with long, white fingers.  And sometimes it’s really dense, so that visibility is only a hundred feet or so.  That would be called a “pea soup” fog, and that’s what we’ve had off and on for two weeks now.

I tried to get some pictures.  Here’s Camden Harbor–can you see the island at the mouth of the harbor?  Beyond is a solid white bank where you can’t see a thing.  And there are islands and boats all out there in the white.

Camden Harbor, Pea Soup Fog

To contrast, here’s a picture I took of Rockland Harbor one day last week.  There is nothing so blue as Maine water when the sun is shining.  See the light house at the end of the breakwater?  That breakwater is a mile long, and people walk it for fun.  The white balls in the water are boat moorings, so you can see that boats are not yet back in the water in any force.

Rockland harbor and lighthouse

Here’s a video of Rockport harbor in the pea soup fog:

And, here’s another, which features lobster traps being staged for use.  I love the lone dorry (I think that’s right) tied up to the float.

I love the “soft” days of spring.  I don’t know how to describe our Maine woods in spring except to say that tree tops look “fluffy” and soft with the emerging green leaves–that spring green that is probably my favorite color.  I didn’t get a good picture this year of a lone tree with the green leaves against the blue sky.  Those leaves are like lace clusters.  And, I suspect, the moment has passed for the year.

Here’s a picture of a budding tree draping over the Camden Library amphitheater entrance.  The picture I took of the library itself came out wonky.  I probably had a wrong setting by accident.  I’ll get one soon.  Our library is gorgeous and has gorgeous views of the harbor.

Camden Library Ampitheater Entrance

This picture of our Main Street, taken from the northern end of town, just below the library, is nice.  See the church steeple and the trees of the village green at the south end of the street.  Camden is a beautiful little New England town.  But we are surrounded by little towns that are each beautiful and special.

Main Street from the library

 So, happy spring everyone!

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May 13, 2013 at 6:35 pm

Turkey Tracks: Canvas Etc.

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Turkey Tracks:  March 21, 2012

Canvas Etc.

Russell and Joanne Spear recently returned to Maine.  They used to work for Moss tents up in Belfast.  They came back just in time to fill a need for folks like me who needed to have furniture refurbished.  Our local upholsterer retired some years back.

The Spears don’t upholster, but they do fabulous slipcovers.   And, Russell and Joanne are really, really nice.  Joanne is a hugger, like me.

I saw their work when they put a slipcovered chair into Quilt Divas in Rockland.  I could see right away what quality work they do.  I hadn’t even been thinking slipcovering until I saw their chair.  Thanks Debbie and Doris for supporting them.

The Spears work out of a small building on Route 90, just south of the intersection with 17.  Call first, 207-596-3285.  They have a good selection of fabric books, and we’re really happy with our choices.

They slipcovered a chair, a hassock, and a big sleep sofa for us–from our tv/craft room/den/spare bedroom room.  These pieces get a lot of wear over the course of a year.  The Spears’ price was fair, and they did all this work pretty fast, too.  Plus, they took the chair first, so we’d have a place to sit and watch tv, returned it, and then took the sofa and hassock.  And now we’re so enjoying having what feels like new pieces of furniture.

Look at this pretty chair!

This chair is Reynold’s favorite.  She lies across the back, so she’s up high, feels safe, and doesn’t miss anything.  Of course I’ve thrown a protective blanket over it.  BUT, if someone comes, we can disrobe this pretty chair in a flash.

Here comes the old sleep sofa back home, with its newly covered pillows piled in its belly.  That’s Russell in the back.

Russell and Joanne put the slipcover on the couch.  You can see that Penny has brought them a toy.

And here’s a pic (blurry as it is) of the Spears, the sofa, and the hassock:

Pretty nice, huh?

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March 21, 2012 at 4:14 pm