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Turkey Tracks: Fall Foliage

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Turkey Tracks:  October 22, 2013

Fall Foliage


Oct. 16, 2013, Sarah's field close-up

These trees are on Sarah Rheault’s land, and they were so pretty one day last week that I turned the car around, went back, and took this picture.

The green tree is an apple tree, and it’s got lots of deep red apples that are not really showing up in this picture.

This view is the kind of fall foliage I wanted to show to my sister when she came for the week of Oct. 6th.  But, the trees up north had lost their leaves in a storm, and our trees had not yet turned.

The fall foliage here on the MId-Coast seems late this year.  We have had a long dry spell.  That’s probably a factor.  But they sure are pretty now.  One just wants to ride around in the orange and gold light.

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October 22, 2013 at 2:27 pm

Turkey Tracks: July 4th in Cushing, Maine

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Turkey Tracks:  July 6, 2013

July 4th in Cushing, Maine

Every July 4th, Sarah Rheault and her children, Willow and Chrisso, host a potluck July 4th party at their Cushing, Maine, home, for, mostly, their Cushing neighbors and friends.  This year, Willow could not come.  The mother of a toddler, she is expecting her second child this summer.  Chrisso was present, however, and spent some hours grilling us delicious hamburgers.  And the potluck food, as always, was also delicious.

I brought deviled eggs from my soy-free, free-range chickens–made with homemade mayonnaise and local scallions.  I sprinkled them with freshly cut chives.  I should have taken a picture, especially after Sarah put my eggs on a big white platter she had.  I had carried them in a container that I could fit into the cooler for the 45 minute ride out Cushing.

It was SUNNY and hot–and we all reveled in both after so many, many days of rain.

I thought you kind blog readers might enjoy seeing the views from this special spot in this world.  Here’s a view from the front of the house–which is built low so as to fit into the landscape.

Rheault's July 4th 2013

That’s Sarah in the blue jacket.  See the solar panels in the background?

Rheault's July 4th, 2

Here’s the deck.  That’s Meg Barclay, standing, in the orange shirt.  She’s talking to John Blydenburg.  I was struck by the contrast between my first time at this July 4th party and this time.  I have, in nine years, gone from knowing no one at this event to knowing so many of these dear people.

Rheault's July 4, 3

On the right is Joie Willametz, who kind of adopted John and me on my first time to this party.  Joie is one of the most amazing people in this world.  She is an artist; she is endlessly curious; she traveled extensively with her husband; I have to work really hard to beat her at WORD.  She is sitting with her daughter-in-law and grandson, who together with Joie’s son, came down from New York City for the weekend.

Rheault's July 4 4

I will leave you with a view that kind of says it all:

Rheault's July 4, 5

Thank you Sarah and Chrisso for…everything!

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July 6, 2013 at 11:00 am

Turkey Tracks: Counting Joys

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Turkey Tracks:  June 30, 2013

Counting Joys

I am counting joys today.

Sunshine, after days of rain.

The new Corian kitchen counters are in.

And aren’t they beautiful?  I have snagged my sweaters on the shredding formica for the very last time.

The whole kitchen seems brighter and lighter…  The color is beautiful with the oak floors and white cabinets…

Kitchen counters, June 2013Kitchen Counters 2, June 2013

Many, many thanks to Lynn Gushee of Dream Kitchens in Rockland.  She’s amazing and is also helping me with some other details in the kitchen that needed tackling.

The leaky 70-gallon water tank is gone.  Mark and Cappy of Mark’s Appliance said they had never seen the inside of a water tank so corroded.  Friend Meg Barclay, an architect, tells me that was probably due to the acidity of our water from local granite.

We did more than replace the tank–we replaced the whole heating system, which was old and getting cranky.  The old boiler sat on the floor and was about 2 feet by 5 feet.  It took up the whole utility room and put out a constant wall of heat–so that in the humid summer, everything in the utility room was covered with a layer of running, condensing water.

Here’s the new boiler and the new water tank “helper.”  This system is more efficient and will use less propane (my house is heated by water, which I love).  The new helper has a lifetime warranty.

Yes, the new boiler is that little white box on the wall.


A new dog fence has been installed.  Penny is delirious and so am I.  She will not be patrolling the street below and nipping at feet peddling bicycles.  Thanks to Sarah Rheault and the folks from Invisible Fence.

The moss has been cleaned off the roof.   Thanks Horch Roofing.

The garage stairs, open to a bad fall from either the stairs or the floor of the attic, has been walled in.  Thanks to Ronald VanHeeswijk.  Neither I nor the grandchildren will fall off that death trap onto the concrete floor below.  Best of all, they can make the attic of the garage their own space this summer.

The back deck privacy wall has been painted and shored up for another year.  It’s pretty much rotten, and I will replace it next year.  Thanks to Margaret Rauenhorst, Ronald VanHeeswijk, and John Marr.

All the leaky faucets have been fixed, thanks to plumbers Wes Avery and Ben Varner.

Mulch and weeding and all the spring tasks have been accomplished, thanks to David Hannan.

Hope’s Edge, our CSA, has started, thanks to Tom Griffin and crew.

The strawberries are ripe in the garden.  The garlic scapes are ready to be cut.  The peas are coming in.  The cold frame is full of lettuce.  And, it’s summer in Maine!