I Love the Simple Folded Corner Ruler!

Turkey Tracks: July 29, 2020

I Love the Simple Folded Corner Ruler!

I got this ruler when Bonnie Hunter recommended it during one of the annual mystery quilts I did with her. (They start the Friday after Thanksgiving, and all info is on her blog, Quiltville.com, including I’m sure more info on this ruler.) This ruler has now replaced SEVERAL other rulers I had been using a lot. Buying info is on the ruler picture below, but http://www.antlerquiltdesign.com will get you there too.

Let’s talk about flying geese blocks to show how this ruler works—and specifically a goose block which will measure 3 by 6 finished. First cut 3 1/2 inch strips. This ruler can “sliver trim” the end of the strip. And it can sliver trim other blocks to size as well.

To prepare the goose body, cut 6 1/2 inch pieces of fabric. I layer these and cut multiple pieces at once. If you fold your strips in half, lengthwise, the bottom piece will face printed side down and the top piece printed side up. You can clearly see the orientation lines at the top and bottom of the ruler.

Next, trim off one side of the goose body—where the half-square triangles will fit. These cut triangles are smaller and mine get thrown into a pile to be used for another project—maybe a quilt of half-square triangles where one side is a neutral??? See how the orientation lines fit on to the strip at exactly the 3 1/2 inch mark—along the edge to be cut and on the left side of the ruler to keep the cut perfectly straight. At this cut, you are cutting for the right angle for the join with the half-square triangle you want for your goose block.

Next, cut the other side of the goose body strip. Here, the orientation is along the cut side. This is one place on the the ruler you might want to use to sliver cut one side of either a half-square triangle OR a sewn block that you have folded in half to trim.

Here’s how you cut the side units that will join to the goose body—from your 3 1/2 inch strips. Again, if you fold your strip in half lengthwise and cut two or four pieces (or more) at once, they will be perfectly set up to piece to the goose body. (The bottom piece will face right side down.) Of course you would sliver trim the left edge first.

For the next cut, you will again use the diagonal marks to orient the ruler. And you will repeat these two cuts across the strip until you have the number of corners you want. You can use this corner of the ruler to sliver cut two sides of a half-square triangle OR a sewn block folded in half.

All the pieces will fit together perfectly when you sew them.

This project is a leader/ender project for me. And it’s growing pretty fast.

I’m using some of the pre-cut 3 1/2 inch strips in my Bonnie Hunter scrap user system AND cutting more colors as needed. This one is a great stash buster for sure. It will probably wind up being at least 10 rows wide and 20 rows long. At least…