Turkey Tracks/Quilting: It’s Snowing! Again!

Turkey Tracks/Quilting:  February 25, 2015

It’s Snowing!  Again!

And, for now, it has stopped, after about five hours or so…

Here’s the view from my kitchen doors and through the windows of the lots and lots of snow we have–higher than my window, higher than my height:



Through the open door–you can get some perspective on all that white by looking at in relation to the top of the door the snow shovel, which is more than two feet off the ground:



The paths leading off the deck–I can’t see the hot tub anymore.  The stakes on the hill (you can see their tops) are five feet plus tall.



Meanwhile, I’ve been quilting, quilting.  It’s always fun to pull a quilt off the long arm and see how the quilting is working over the whole quilt for the first time:


For this very traditional quilt, I used a traditional clam shell quilting pattern done with groovy boards:


The soft green blends with the backing, which is not shown here.


These three scrappy quilts I’ve made recently are brightening up the downstairs sitting room so much.



I’m sewing down the binding on the streak of lightening quilt at night now–but am so drawn to the hand sewing project with the octagons.  Those scraps are on the yellow table.  And here’s what it’s looking like now.  I put in some side triangles last night:


I think I’ll applique this piece when it’s done–to a set of borders–so this will be the center.  But, who knows?

I think I’d like the octagons better if they were SMALLER.  But, you know I love small pieces for the most part in a quilt…