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Turkey Tracks: Gardens in the Watershed: Hobbs Farm Greenery

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Turkey Tracks:  August 13, 2013

Gardens in the Watershed:  Hobbs Farm Greenery

Who knew that the largest grower of scented geraniums, or pelargoniums, is a stone throw from my house.

Hobbs Farm is a family owned business that has been in Hope, Maine, for 150 years.  The family now raises 270 varieties of geraniums, many of which have scented leaves–as in peppermint, lemon, rose, and Lady Mary.  Some repel mosquitoes.  They also grow stellar geraniums with colorful foliage, notched leaves, star-shaped flowers, cactus flowers, rosebud, gold leaf, miniatures, and dwarfs.

I was astonished at the variety of the foliage and the flowers before I reread the farm’s description.

Here’s Giovanna standing in front of amazing tomato plants in raised beds.

Hobbs 2

Here’s the VERY long greenhouse:

Hobbs 4

And here’s some pics I snapped of unusual plants and flowers:

This one’s flowers look like fairy flowers…


Single flower that looks like an impatiens almost:

Hobbs 7


Hobbs 6

Look at the unusual flower form here of the orange flower.

Hobbs 5

Geraniums now have a whole new meaning for me.  It’s kind of like the problem with food, isn’t it?  We’ve settled for a few potato, tomato, bean, etc., varieties, when there are actually so many other kinds, each with different attributes.

Thanks for the education, Hobbs Farm Greenery!