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Turkey Tracks: Preserving Summer Food for Winter Eating

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Turkey Tracks:  July 16, 2014

Preserving Summer Food For Winter Eating


The summer produce up here in Maine is starting to roll into my kitchen, and I work hard to preserve as much of it as is possible.

How nice that Jennifer McGruther’s post today covers the ways she uses to preserve excess produce for the winter.

(If you have not signed up for her blog posts, I encourage you to do so.)

This posting is chock full of great ideas!  Thank you, Jennifer!

6 Ways I Preserve Summer’s Bounty and a challenge for you — Nourished Kitchen.


One of the things I walked with from her listing was drying hearty greens and onions, pulverizing them into a green powder, and using them in eggs, soups, salad dressings, and so forth.  I’ll be doing that for sure.

I have one of the plastic round dehydrators, and it runs constantly through August and September.  I’m dragging it out forthwith to start drying greens.  If I were not single and cooking for more than one person, I would SERIOUSLY consider the metal dehydrator she uses.  Last summer I dried more food than ever, and I loved having it all ready to use.