Turkey Tracks: Making Applesauce Is Dead Easy

Turkey Tracks:  March 9, 2016

Making Applesauce is Dead Easy

I’ve had a bag of juicing apples bought in the fall and hanging around the refrigerator all winter.

Time to do something with them as they are starting to go bad.

Making applesauce is dead easy.

Dump the chunked apples, peel and all, into a heavy pot.

Add some water so the apples don’t burn.

You could cover the apples and let them render out slowly, but I was in a hurry.

I cooked them down pretty fast, and when they were soft, added a splash of maple syrup and a splash of some Fiore chocolate/cherry balsamic vinegar to the pot.  The vinegar, I hoped, would add an interesting layer of flavor.  It did.

When the apples are soft, drag out your “boat motor” emulsifier and run it through them.  Or use a food processor or a blender.

The good thing here is that all the fiber of the peels stays in this mix, but you don’t taste the peel.



Here’s the applesauce and my boat motor.


I’ve been using it as a topping for the gorgeous raw milk yogurt we get here in Maine.  My favorite comes from THE MILK HOUSE, a local business.  I top it with a tablespoon of fresh maple syrup and a handful of nuts that I’ve soaked in salt water and dried.  BEYOND YUMMY–and healthy!